• they dont wake up.
  • That is a very interesting question, however I presume that the real question is, "If someone dreams that they have died, will they wake up?" I have never heard of anyone dreaming that they have died. It is conceivable however that someone could dream that they are dying and wake up and recall that dream. They might even dream that they are in heaven and such a dream would imply that they have died. They can wake up and recall that dream also. But to dream that they are dead and the dream ends at that point, I don't see how such a dream could happen and at the same time, the dreamer wakes up and recalls the dream. The reason is there is no way that someone could describe their death since the only way death can be described is if they are conscious of it. For example,if you are dying, you can relate later the feeling of dying but if you are dead, how can you relate to anyone, let alone to yourself what it is like to be dead. To be dead, means you have no conscious concept of being dead.
  • They know immediately, it is a different kind of consciousness.
  • i dont think so since theyre dead
  • If they die in their sleep, how are they waking up?
  • no cause they dont wake up
  • With death comes the cessation of the functions of the brain. So, how can they wake up. Of course the Bible promises that soon the clean new world of God
  • Its their not there. And no. They will know nothing but sleep until the resurrection.
  • Yes...all is known ...when we wake up...LOL

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