• Terrorism is a concept which stems from incorrect beliefs. In order to beat Terrorism we must fight the war against this swelling concept which is spreading among this kind of people. The terrorists who carried out 9/11 attacks did not come only from Afghanistan. They came from different regions and we cannot invade all of those regions. We must change their heads in order for them to drop this concept. Again, we must change their heads in order for them to drop this concept….
  • Well, Osama is free, Iraq is full of terrorists who weren't even there till we started the war, and Afghanistan is heating up. Nope. Not at all.
  • Not sure how to take this question :) Yeah, yeah, I get it.
  • Yes he was. He was the biggest recruiter of terrorists the world has ever known
  • Yes, I think that "W" is a twat...;-D...
  • For the most part yes, they have been at war with us for over 30 years, at least someone finally tried to do something about it. No attacks on U.S. soil since 9/11 is certainly a good thing, don't you think? It's a shame Bill Clinton ignored the growing threat or 9/11 would never have happened. The tragedies of that day could have been avoided and that is sad.
  • NO!Remember 9/11?
  • I think he was successful at being a twat!!!! hahahahahahahahaha
  • No. TWAT is a manipulated fantasy created by the international bankers to profit their pockets. Bush is just a puppet under their armpits. My 2 cents.
  • Yes, since theres no more terrorism anymore.
  • Absolutely, unequivocally, NO. He made a preemptive war with Iraq, abandoned the Al-Qaida target in Afghanistan, and thereby left our attackers free to bloom.
  • Maybe if he had been successful with t.w.a.t., we never would have went to war in the first place.
  • The general in charge of trying to get Bin Laden in Afghanistan is 90% sure he had him cornered when his troops were suddenly pulled out to be used for a non terrorist related issue (Iraq). We could have had him, and those in power chose to pull the troops away. Not much success here! There is now a much bigger terrorist threat from Iraq than when Sadam was in power! He didn't do much better with TWAT than he did with our economy!
  • You cannot declare war on something you cannot win. That was the beauty of the idea of the war on terror. It will not or can never be won. It is essentially a "hundred year war" if you want it to be... You might as well declare war on pimples..even if you think you wiped them all out another one shows up on you butt..
  • Did you ever think about what "twat" stands for???? LOL
  • Maybe not successful with it, but being one... He's an over achiever.
  • No, I think we got screwed on that deal.
  • yes i do.. but i might be saying that cause my feonca is over there right now.. and i think it is good.. hes doing it so we dont have war on our own soil..
  • Not with twat or the war. He attacked Iraq without just cause, removed a tyrant but spread us too thin and put our troops in Afgahnistan in jeopardy. Maybe if he focused more on Afgahnistan we would ave caught BinLaden before he died.
  • Not really. His whole plan missed the mark entirely. Thats not to say the money he spent was wasted though.
  • Considering the fact that there is a tremendous amount more "terrorism" now than there was before and the cost in lives worldwide for this twatty enterprise is astronomical and the supposed target (Bin Laden - who is friends with the Bush family and in whose oil company Bush holds stock) is still running around loose, I guess I would have to say no.
  • I think he was a TWAT and no, the world is less safe now thanks to that moron.
  • Not at all. Where did we end up after 911? Iraq. What did Iraq have to do with terrorism? Absolutely nothing.
  • no, he failed!
  • Bush regrets his acts. America is only one of countries to be affected by terrorism. From what has transpired in Mumbai we surely cannot wage a war aginst the countries involved-some might even be from our India itself. Yes the militants come from different regions and backgrounds. I really dont think they've got "incorrect" beliefs. Its just that they cannot have their way resorting to violence, terror and killing of innocent strangers. While we have to stand up against 'unjust' terror we surely cannot deal with it the Bush way. We need more negotiations and peaceful measures.Killing other people for one's cause cannot be justified-ever.

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