• No, why would you. Your beliefs are your personal choice.
  • No never, its up to you what you believe, not your family :-)
  • You believe in what you believe in, buddy! If you want to believe in the doorknob, then do so! Is a contitutional right. BTW, there is always going to be people who are not in aggreement with your beliefs - everybody goes through that!!
  • freedom of choice. feeling guilty is also a choice... Just say NO to guilt.
  • Short answer: No, don't be retarded. Longer Answer:I am in a similar situation, although I don't have different religious beliefs so much as a complete lack of them. the majority of my family treats me more like a potential convert than a son or brother. I at first felt guilty about this, not because I thought I was wrong, but because I felt like my agnostic position alienated me from my family. Eventually I realized that I was the one who had to live with my own beliefs and opinions and not them. I refuse to let others make me feel guilty about my beliefs simply because they are to close minded to accept me for who I choose to be. I think it is in our nature to fear that which is different from ourselves and what we are taught, and only through effort and exposure to different ideas can we get past differences with our fellow man. I pity anybody who can't realize this, for theirs is a small world indeed. Don't let anybody, including those you love and love you, guilt trip you into something your not. If your family truly loves you, they'll eventually accept your position. The ball is in their court, not yours.
  • Don't feel guilty unless you don't feel that its right for you. If they are uncomfortable or afraid, try to explain things!
  • No!!!!!!!!!
  • Absolutely not. You should never be ashamed of your religion.
  • dont feel guilty. just keep it quiet and give lip service to their religion. i have been doing it for the last ten years. just tell them that they don't have to like it or anything but don't try to preach to me and no one will preach to them. my parents just thought it was a teenage thing but it was not.
  • No, you have made your choice based on your own observations. You don't have to even tell your family what your choice is if it is different from theirs. I was raised in the Mormon Church, but I realized that I didn't have any faith in what they believed, and I have gone my own way. I don't feel any need to tell them that, and I doubt if they know.
  • You can only feel guilty if you haven't tried to educate them about your beliefs. If you have, then no guilt is needed - let them brew for a while and just constantly remind them that you're still you and you still love them. They'll come around.
  • Never feel guilty about the prejudice and ignorance of others. Try to explain facts to them. If they reject them, it is their loss. In the end, your religious beliefs are no one's business but your own.
  • This Is a Very Good Question, But not one of should you but of your Faith there IN, Your believes are measured in faith, and Your Guilt is a sign of rectification. I strongly believe that If you have 100% faith in something You will not feel guilty for your believes. The answer you seek is No and Yes, for your not asking "if you should feel guilty?" rather "if you feel guilty is it for you?"
  • It is a personal choice and no matter what anyone thinks always be true to yourself!
  • Yes, definitely. Spend your life wallowing in guilt.
  • No, get a backbone would ya? If you try to live your life to satisfy others, you will be unhappy. So the only way to be happy is satisfy yourself, and hope that others will see how happy you are and at least leave you alone.
  • It depends on whether you give them reason to fear it.
  • Heck No, give them the bird if they can't respect your belief system.
  • live your life
  • If you feel guilty, you may want to reevaluate if you actually believe what you're saying as opposed to just attempting to break away from "the norm".

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