• I believe it will only happen state by state. I think, although not sure, that Gay's have all the domestic rights of hetrosexual couples in California, but cannot legally obtain a marriage license. It seems that's the last hurdle, although I could be misinformed.
  • I hope in my lifetime. I'm white, female, 26, straight, Libertarian. I think this is the last MAJOR civil rights issue affecting a group of people. I see this as no different than what was done to deny blacks their rights. I believe that every person should control their own life and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS by making their own choices, WITHOUT government interferance, as long as those choices do not directly harm another person. Libertarianism. Check it out.
  • fuckin A man, I dont know. its weird isnt it? It doesnt make sense that we are so backward when it comes to human rights!!!!
  • It will most definitely be within the next 10 years. My generation will be the ones coming into power during that time frame and this generation has very strong opinions on equality.
  • Wow...Nepal grants full marriage rights? And the "land of the free" is still sadly light years behind in granting equal rights to all citizens. I'm 45 now, and I am hoping to be able to marry before I"m 50! I think it will be a slow, state-by-state process. That such arrogant, holier-than-thou bigotry is still so rampant in this country sickens me. The passing of Prop 8 (and all the other states that have done something similar, like mine) only proves it. The completely screwed up thinking of some people never ceases to surprise me.
  • When 'they' legalize marijuana. In other words, we've been waiting for over 40 years for that one. I wouldn't hold my breath.
  • probably soon, but it shouldn't be an issue to begin with. after prop 8 passed in california, i pretty much became disgusted with what we view as rights and equalities and whatnot. it honestly makes me sick when animals get their rights granted but people have theirs taken away.
  • Hopefully not in my life time if not ever see how it Helped the Romans.
  • Although I agree with the sentiment your question is misleading. 50 different state governments with 50 different sets of laws. Most of them larger than most single countrys in Europe all of them more populated than Nepal. There are 13 states (including DC) CA, CT, DC, HI, MA, ME, MD, NH, NJ, OR, RI, VT and WA that have some form of gay unions. In thirty years gay people have gone from a totally repressed minority to having our unions recognized in better than a quarter of the USA. Compare us with the EU I bet we hold our own!
  • As soon as 85% of the population stops believing in invisible things and following the mandates of an archaiac fantasy book written 2,000 years ago by camel herders
  • As an American I've just come to accept that my country has become a social backwater, run by the religious right. Who care more about their god, than their fellow man. I love America, I'd die to protect America, I'm proud to be an American, but I'm not always proud of Americans.
  • I say about 5-20 years from now
  • I am stunned to hear Nepal does. But thats great.
  • I believe it will be a Supreme Court decision. But I am also still waiting for the ERA (equal rights for women for any youngsters who may not remember this from the '80's) to pass.

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