• I think most people think of fat people the same way that they think of people who smoke: that they are killing themselves willfully. Of course, this is not necessarily true, but no one seems to care.
  • In my experience, fat people tend to be more unhappy and negetive. I dunno if its because they don't feel healthy or because they have low self cofidence, but no one likes to be around unhappy people. I only associate myself with people that are positive, whether they are fat, skinny, or in between.
  • I don't know. There's nothing wrong with being overweight.
  • I love fat people, so jolly and happy most of the time.
  • I like large people. I love how they laugh and when I'm sad I always go to one of my larger friends for a hug. My ex was also on the large side and I always felt so safe around him.
  • I think, whether fat or thin, it depends on a persons personality and grooming. Everyone loves Pavarotti, Monserrat Caballé, Les Dawson, Elton John, George Michael (who's on the porky side). They are (were) all large but well-groomed with great personalities. So weight, size, height etc is not really important if the general impression given is good.
  • For various reasons but it is usually stemmed from what they were taught to believe at some point in their life.
  • I work part time as a cardio trainer at a gym and honestly, I see women there who are heavier treating their bodies a thousand times better than women who are thin. Sometimes it seems like the heavier women are actually enjoying life more.. I find some of them more conscious of their health, finding camraderie in the hard work, and celebrating their bodies much more than the skinny ones. I know a lot of thin, neurotic woman whose manifestation of insecurity is acting like they have a one-up on bigger women. Fat people should stop feeling sorry for themselves. I am not saying that you should be proud just because you are fat, but because of who you are. Unfortunately I think that’s the problem self acceptance is often a necessary pre-req for acceptance of others :/ Keep up the great work :D
  • I don't think most people dislike overweight people. It's just another silly stereotype. I judge a person by how they act not how they look.
  • Some folks have a need to feel superior no matter what the reason.
  • A lot of people don't like what they fear they could become like.
  • It seems now a days people want to judge based on looks, people are so judgmental, I am big, I am proud, and the way I see it is they have no self esteem for themselves to be trying to judge a bigger person.
  • Fat people? That's an oxymoron.
  • I don't judge people by their appearances or disabilities (or abilities, for that matter!). But having fought the fat fight myself and won (took years), I find myself with an extreme dislike for obesity when there is no medical reason for it except a lack of self-disipline. I don't know how many fat people I know say they wish they could lose weight, but they just keep bending that elbow and sticking food into their face -- sometimes as they are bitching about being fat. It's called "Self-control" and self-disipline, and doing something as un-American as facing a little twinge of discomfort called "hunger" and doing something else besides stuffing your face when your bored (like, say, exercising.) I learned: while its okay to love certain foods, its the love of food that can be a downfall. And its usually not necessary!
  • Faulty premise. Many of the most loved people of all time are or were fat people: Oprah Winfrey John Belushi The Big Bopper Marlon Brando Buddha Victor Buono Raymond Burr John Candy Drew Carey Nell Carter Chubby Checker Winston Churchill Santa Claus (!) James Coco William Conrad Dom Deluise Elvis (in his later years) Chris Farley Conchata Farrell Totie Fields Aretha Franklin Jackie Gleason John Goodman Elizabeth Taylor President Ulysses S. Grant Sydney Greenstreet Oliver Hardy Pope John XXIII James Earl Jones B.B. King Mario Lanzo Charles Laughton Rush Limbaugh Emmanuel Little Hattie McDaniels Meatloaf Zero Mostel Kathy Najimy (formerly fat) Luciano Pavarotti President Theodore Roosevelt Roseanne Babe Ruth Bevery Sills Elizabeth Cady Stanton President Taft Luisa Tetrazzini (late 19th c. opera diva for whom chicken tetrazzini was named!) Luther Vandross Venus de Wilendorf Orson Welles Shelley Winters
  • Maybe the influence of the thin models in pics, etc. Who knows. I could care less how much people weigh and the topic doesn't come up in conversation unless they bring it up to me. Their company and the fun we have is all that's important.
  • "Brainwashing" by Madison Avenue, et al.
  • Because of the media which "dictates" to the people that follow what should be liked and what not.

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