• Nope but I've found I've gained something sometimes. Ooops.
  • Quite often! I hate it. :-(.
  • I've gotten enough practise in my time that I no longer lose stuff. But in the past, I've lost my glasses and my keys. The latter was a bitch, because I had driven to visit my friends in Atlanta and all my stuff was in my car. Apparently you can't safely break into a BMW without making a big ordeal about it, so I had to get another key made. Oh yea, $100 down the drain.
  • Yeah, money :( If I know I'll be out being bad, I will only bring the bare minimum of supplies: Cash Smokes ID The rest is trivial. One a side note, I will ALWAYS come home with more lighters than I left home with...
  • I usually come back with extras. Like I am the lost and found.
  • Do I need to remind you what happened that one time you drank? Naked lady!
  • Nah, I'm a pro at keeping my things. So much that I have to carry my friends things for them. Ugh.
  • all the time - sometimes my clothes and I have to do the walk of shame naked - sometimes my car and have actually reported my stolen only to find it a few days later.
  • Yes. A couple weeks ago I lost my shirt. I did end up finding it. Last month I lost a shoe, which is still missing. I'm not sure why it's always clothes that I lose. I guess it's better than keys or money.
  • I used too. When I would get drunk I would want to fall asleep wherever I was. I woke up on some guys front lawn once.
  • If you spend your nights drinking, I think what you've lost is your mind.
  • Just last night I drank a bunch of blackberry brandy. I woke up in the morning and couldn't find my cell phone. I realized it had probably dropped out of my truck when I got out in the driveway at my fiance's house. So I drove there hoping I hadn't run it over when I'd left in the morning. I pulled up to a whole work crew, who was working on the barn in the back with the construction equipment they had brought. They had all driven down the driveway. I immediatly saw my phone lying there. In pieces. It still worked though which was a miracle! I called my fiance to tell him I'd found my phone and I noticed it was sticky. Then I remembered.... My cell phone fell out of the truck because I got out of it so fast, cause I really had to pee. I was trashed enough that I just dropped an squatted right at the side of the truck...and had pissed right on my f#cking phone!!!! hahahaha
  • Yeah... my virginity. Ok, just kidding, I was sober when that happened.
  • No. But I do wake up and say "Why did I do that? I must have lost my mind"
  • Yes,the money I spent.
  • Oh jeez yes. I actually tell my DD to keep an eye on me! :P
  • I've found I lost the memory of that very deep, interesting, life-altering conversation I was having with someone... Uhhhhh...... what?!?!?!? LOL
  • I once went to the store after getting a good firm buzz, It was late in the evening and I bought a pack of smokes and more beer. It was close to bedtime so I had only one of the fresh beers I bought, and no more than one or two of the cigarettes in the pack... when I woke up the next day only three cigarettes remained in the pack. To this day I am still more comfortable thinking that the ghost of my father or grandfather stole them rather than someone else coming into my house while I was asleep. spooky shit, this house is haunted I swear
  • Yeah...usually things like my dignity, self respect, girlfriend, cell phone and drivers license. But what a wild night! It was worth it...who's going out tonight!!

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