• Witchestit, Antartica yo...;)
  • At present, Antarctica does not have a capital city. It has been considered a continent since 1840 but has active territorial claims by many countries which are still in dispute. Although Antarctica is populated by a few small government research stations, its official population is zero.
  • Washington D.C., Buenos Aires, London, Canberra and others claim to be the capital of parts of Antartica.
  • Antarctica is not a nation, has no capital nor any citizens. All of those who visit there are temporary visitors. Under the Antarctic Treaty (renewed a few years ago), all relevant nations agreed to put their claims on ice for fifty years,
  • Antarctica is a continent and has no cities, permanent residents, government, or capitol.
  • Antarctica City!!! It's the hottest swingingest place in the continent!
  • No. Antarctica is a continent, not an independent state. A continent is a geographic thing, a part of the Earth's nature. Independent states are just political, and only exist in the human mind.
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      This is the right answer.
  • I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

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