• I love this show. It would be hard to choose because all the characters are special in their own way & I love each character. But I would have to say Kate because she is very determined.
  • Assuming you mean the Sid and Marty Kroft show - The Zarn. Made of lights and sensitive to emotions.
  • Are we talking the move with Will Ferrell? Or the series from the 70's? Oh yea, the Zarn would be an interesting choice. I don't know if I'd want to be Will because he was stuck in a prehistoric alternate reality, and might never have pizza or pussy again (cat, pussy cat....of course *shifty look yet again*). Let's see, there'd also be a Sleestak or a Pakuni to chose from. (The Pakuni were the monkey people Chaka was one of). There was a smarter Sleestak from a different time, called Enik. Or you could be one of the Dinosaurs I suppose. I'd go with Will Ferrell, in the movie, except he collected that dinosaur urine and drank it (kind of subtracts from a guy's cool, when that happens). Okay I'll go with Will, hoping he really does get home and flocks of 19 year old girls adore me, and I have to put a velvet rope around my trailer (I mean, house, yea, thats what I meant..
    • beaker95
      How do you collect dinosaur urine....?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Well.. He said it took all night...Patience is required he said....waiting with a bucket. (You might want to not think about the mechanics of that activity too much! O_o) (or you might. TO each his own. Awful hard to find good dinosaur porn though.) ...Then he poured it on himself, and even drank a little, as he explained to the others, this would mask his human scent from the dinosaurs, so he'd be safe (it was all party of a plan you see, and.. HOOK! ..Aw again! Man *kicks dirt, plods off*
    • beaker95
      As insightful as ever....I'm wondering how I ever got thru a day pre-Mr. Pants.....

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