• Love emotions can be as hard to give up as ciggeretts. Good luck,You can do this!!
  • SEXY C; When we meet someone we often see the fun sincere things we Want to see in the person often tolarating the Crap they dish. Often they don't even realize it because they're caughtup in the relationship too, The awful part is when the relationship is one sided and usually the person doing the giving is the one that hurts the most. They end up growing fond of the person and develop deeper feelings for that person and are not getting reciprocated and eventually they get to a point to call them on it and they usually get a "Huh!" because they just were not "present" . Feeling sick is unfortunatly one of the side effects as you begin your healing process and slowely let go getting your heart ready for some new only to place the experience in the "Learned item" folder in your mind so you can not let it go so long next time around. SEXY C ((((((((((((HHUUGGSS))))))))))))...
  • Yes.........even after all these years and at this stage in my life, I also think of that someone who wasnt willing to love me. We don't have any control over it and have to live with it. But things get'll meet someone who will make you a priority.
  • I want to tell you that I did the same thing for 7 years... my reasoning for loving and staying with this man was because I felt that he would change for me! DUMB... If you want to be happy you need to find someone that makes you happy. That person will continue to treat you like crap as long as you allow it to happen... step away and look at the big picture! What do you want in life?
  • Sexy C - I am gettin really worried about you today, you are obsessing girl. I need to come over, pick your ass up and head to the bar and get shit faced and forget that A-Hole - he's mean to you and you are WAY better than that. Now, put on your slutty dress and i will be there in 20 minutes. J/k on the slutty dress.
  • I go through similar feelings with friendships. When I give myself to a friendship, I do so with all my heart. When I'm mistreated or cast aside, it makes me wonder the same thing...why don't they care about me?! In the end, you have to respect yourself, pick yourself up and carry on. There is nothing wrong with YOU.
  • Nothing. You're normal. You're human. You're hurt. Give it time.
  • I am in your shoes....I was told I put up with bad relationships because of being brought up with a single alcoholic sounds good in theory to blame it on something other then myself....I am taking my time now to find out who I am and what I want and will not settle for less then I need to do the same.....
  • You feel sick.That is your first statemnet.That means that you know,in your heart of hearts ,that he was not good for you. He made you sick. But you need time, dear.Don't expect to be able to just carry on.You wouldn't be human if you could. {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}} Take care Hon!
  • nothings wrong with you. i was in the same boat. I loved someone far more than they loved me and I was always sad and felt like i could never be good enough. when he broke up with me I was heart broken for 10 seconds. Then I realised that there are so many people out there who would kill to be with me and treat me the way I should be treated. Its a good feeling to be respected and cherished
  • You need a GCD?
  • You're a woman. You can't help it. Woman LOVE dangerous guys, loners, rich guys, and guys who don't care about them. When you are 73 you will like nice guys, fun guys, and people who really care about you. Good luck finding them then.
  • It happens to the best of us. If found that as human beings we all have the tendency to want the things we want even more. -tell me has he passed through your mind a little more often that he's gone? O.o
  • Nothing. it's a long hard climb to escape from love.
  • Love is power. Some struggle against it, other embraces it and some may even freeze it. The power of Love is what we are and need..from infancy to adult. Love may crave for attention, approval, appreciation but it also can be a strength for giving, forgiving, healing and patience. Healthy love is what we most people need. We learn from our failures and we grow to love more wisely. Love can make things look more cosy and rosy than it really is- that is what we call "romantic months" or "courtship days". After a few months of getting to know each other better- The reality sets in. That's where real love is tested..sooner or later we will know..quit or stay.
  • I keep asking myself the same thing about most women. They tend to like guys who couldnt care less about them. You guys are strange creatures.
  • I think love is the strongest feeling someone could give to another. Contact a family member or friend (someone you care about) and cherish the energy of your love and express it to others in your life who would appreciate it. Give others satisfaction that value how you feel, not for someone who makes you feel like shit. Apart of heeling is also closure, this could be the part that is making you feel so sad and lonely. I don’t know if you feel there is closure or not but, my suggestion is a "fake letter to him." Write down in this letter to him how much he hurt you, betrayed you and made you feel, write down any emotion he has ever made you feel that you have never expressed in words before. DO NOT GIVE THIS LETTER TO HIM; this is for you and ONLY YOU. This is your good bye letter to him and the relationship. By writing this down on paper you may feel a sense of relief, and also a reminder of how he really made you feel. When you get sad or only remember the once in a while good times, read that letter and remember how he was not a good person to you, and how you deserve better. Apart of realizing how the relationship really was is admitting to yourself how un-functional the relationship really was. Good luck to you!
  • Absolutely nothing is wrong with you. It is just that you were so in love with your ex, it is only natural that you would hold onto that love for as long as possible, even if things were officially over, at least in the mind of your ex. In the end, you must forget by replacing. Trying to forget someone is thinking of them and that is as bad as rehashing all the memories you have shared, so again, live with no regrets, and realize that each relationship prepares you for the next one, which has to be better than the last.

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