• Have you never heard the DDT story?
  • Food for fish, birds and bats.For humans,they cause more problems than anything.
  • Why should they be of any use? The earth is not an organism (unlike some Gaia fanatics might think), every organism lives for its own benefit. If mosquitoes happen to indirectly benefit some other animals, well that's great, but they weren't made for that (they weren't made at all) and they don't need to do that.
  • As far as their place in the ecosystem, it is either very small or so detrimental that they should really have no purpose. Not all organisms in the ecosystem have a beneficial purpose. If anything, they serve as lab subjects for scienstist to find cures for the diseases they spread, killing humans, at least now they do. Just like rats used to be free, some are now born just for research. Or they could just be another life force living to just live, like us, we eat, sleep, procreate, and repeat the cycle. They are just lower on the chain.
  • I'm sure people who enjoy scratching themselves think that mosquitoes are wonderfully useful...! Personally, I'm not convinced...!
  • Population control. They spread disease to keep the human population from becoming over populated.
  • Spread deceases. My 2 cents.
  • To give us something else to worry about.
  • They feed fish, bats, spiders. They are part of the ecosystem. Oh, yeah, and they help control the human population by spreading malaria and who knows what else.
  • .. to justify spell check.
  • I'd say food for certain other living creatures.
  • There primary purpose is to be fast and nourishing food for birds and other animals. They are one of the most imoportan species in the Circumpolar North, for the feed and multiply so fast as to feed the migratory foul that has flown north to mate and rear their offspring. IF the mosquito link in the food chain would have detrimental far reaching effects on the animal species. Now their purpose in the tropical countries is a bit out of my jurisdiction but I can say with any degree of accuracy that mosquitos play a similar role . Mind you they are pests and can be regulated with spring spraying and personal deet enriched mosquito dope, but it would be little but impossible to remove the mosquito from out planet
  • No purpose. They just are. They're not God's Master's Thesis, they're just a convenience of evolution.
  • Their purpose is food for bats.

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