• I am not sure... but I don't oppose the decision.
  • I don't like it, it seems wierd. Isn't there enough animals?
  • I would have serious concerns about food safety
  • I have no problem with it. Cloning in no way affects the DNA of the animal. A cloned animal is identical to the animal that it was cloned from, so if the original animal was fine, there is no health concern.
  • I do not support this idea.
  • I have no problems, unless there are animal welfare issues. Clones are simply identical twins, no more and no less. If you don't want clones, you should reject all animals that routinely have identical twin births. Which, I think, includes sheep.
  • I disagree with it for the same reasons I disagree with the whole meat industry. I am a hunter and think that raising ANY animal commercially for the sole purpose of killing it is immoral. They raise them and get led into a slaughterhouse by the same people they've been conditioned to trust. Hunting is more humane in that the animal has it's nice life and gets removed quickly from the herd so others can survive. It never knows what happened.
  • I don't support this decision, cloning for human consumption hasn't been tested enough in my view to really tell us what could happen,whether its shortly after consumption or 10 years from now... what if we're fine but the latter generations are deeply hurt because of this... IF anything does go wrong it'll be a catastrophe.

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