• Has to be shoulders on a guy, after face of course. Then butt.
  • Woman: for me it's the eyes/smile...mainly the face overall. Next I'd say overall body shape...not too thin not too big.
  • eyes/brains/heart
  • Very first thing, the eyes!
  • I have to say there is nothing sexier than a guy with crazy sick strong thighs mmmm i love soccer players!
  • Personality.
  • I'm not sure what a "man/woman" is. I guess you mean man or woman? If so, I can't say about men because I am one and have never been able to figure out what women like, except for, of course, not me. For women, liars will say, "Oh, sense of humor, personality, and blah blah blah." Yes, those are all important. But the fact is that what we notice FIRST -- what ATTRACTS us -- is physical. For me, it all depends on the woman and the situation. If she is at a bar and wearing a tank-top with no bra, it is her breasts. If she is a cashier, hostess, receptionist, or something like that, it's her face. Once I'm attracted, THEN sense of humor is # 1. Women are the same. Ugly guy like me, I'm passed over all the time. After they get to know me, then my personality sometimes pays off. They lie about this stuff, too.
  • Intellect.
  • Eyes,smile,hair,intellect....basically, the neck up
  • Their brain, mental foreplay is the best.
  • only sense of humar.
  • I'd say arms and chests... oh my god, when I see a nice chest and arms, I get sooo weak lol.
  • eyes....
  • Arms & neck
  • His smile/eyes!!
  • His/Her brain and the content of it.
  • Turns out it really IS what's inside. 'magine that.
  • Well, I can certainly speak for my boyfriend. He is a man of character. He has a wonderful attitude. He treats people with absolute respect. He is an amazing friend and an amazing boyfriend. He doesn't talk behind people's backs to me. You can trust him with a secret without worrying that he will tell me everything just because I happen to be his girlfriend. He doesn't dislike people just because I do, which shows me that he can think for himself. He knows how to stand up for himself and he knows how to function in the every day world, despite being an immigrant. He is very good-spirited and a lot of fun to be around. He is a very good listener and he tells me what I need to hear, even if he knows what I want to hear. He treats store clerks/cashiers/bus drivers/etc with respect. He is a very kind person and he is very lovable. I enjoy spending time with him. I enjoy cuddling with him. I enjoy having conversations with him where we both talk and it's not just one-sided. I enjoy watching movies with him. I enjoy taking walks with him. I even enjoy bus rides with him. He is just such an amazing person. He can say the stupidest thing around me and he can still count on my love for him not fading. I fell for him not for his looks, but for his fun spirit and his attitude. He happens to be very handsome to me, so that's a bonus. He is the very person who has proven to me that ROMANCE is not dead. He still carries me over puddles in the rain, and even after it's stopped raining. That's how it all started, and that's how it continues to be. At a friend's birthday party, there were puddles in so many places. When we went to the park, he'd just carry me over them and he was being super sweet to me and somewhere in there we fell for each other. Three days later, I said to him (close to midnight), something like, "You know, if you ask me out, I'll say yes" because I could tell he wanted to ask me out. However, he'd never had a girlfriend before. Anyway, I was scared at the same time because I was afraid the fun would end and he was one of those guys who was only fun during the 'chase'. Thankfully, he isn't one of those guys and who he is during the 'chase' is who he is after he gets what he wants as well. I'm happy. I guess the MOST attractive thing about him is that he is himself around me. He knows he doesn't have to pretend to be anyone else.
  • A man/woman? That sounds HORRIBLE! What is it? Ugh. I think I'm going to be sick.
  • The ability to laugh at the good, the bad and the ugly parts of life. Anyone that is graceful under pressure is sexy regardless of gender. Too many people freak out at a time when you need them the most.
  • Personality.
  • It has to be eyes.
  • At first its all about the ass, then for me its the sense of humour.
  • her hair stomach and legs. not in that order.
  • eyes and hairs
  • for a guy his hair, smile, eyes.............and they just have to have "the look"........some guys are born with it.
  • I love a mans chest, shoulders and arms. So I'll say the upper body.

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