• Yes the Mass air flow can cause your car to run extremely rough. As far as cleaning them out, you are better off just replacing it. It is a sensor and "cleaning" it may just cause the car to run even worse because it could start to send mixed signals to the cpu. Hope that helps.
  • Try replacing your EGR valve. This will cause your car to run rough and it really never sends a code to the puter. It will have you replacing parts and still have the same problem. You can test the MAF with a meter to see if it is functioning properly. I still don't suggest cleaning it, however if you do use a cleaner with lube in like a carbuator cleaner, so that it doesnt dry the componets inside the sensor.
  • This going to sound dumb ,but trust me some times it works. With the car idling take some thing like a ink pen and tap on MAF sensor don't pound on it just a couple good taps , see if it changes the idle . If so very good chance it is garbage.

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