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  • as much of a cumchugging cum slut that i am i couldnt care less about creampies. that cum is for meeee. and i love shaved balls. well i love balls in general.mostly huge ones. giant oversized smooth shaved soft balls...thats the hottest looking thing on earth lol.
  • Here is what drives my wife wild. My friend sits in a chair, then my wife sits with his cock up her pussy and her back facing him, I then lick from the base of his cock to my wife’s navel. After he cums I pull his cock out of her pussy and start eating their creampie. When I have cleaned her out his cock is there in my face and ready to lick clean.
  • I think that they would if your into that such of a thing.
  • mine wouldn't, but i think it would be a great experience
  • It is a huge turn on.... I love it....
  • I loooove a pair of shaved balls resting on my chin!
  • If my wife told me to clean her up and straddled my face I would. Unfortunately we are a wash cloth couple.
  • My wife says the only way I am going to get to do a 69 after I cum in her is if I am clean shaven. Been slick as ice for 15 years now, since I was 12 or so.
  • I like it,but then again I love it when he licks my beaver anytime, not into shaved balls, more manly when they are hairy
  • My girl likes both...and I'm happy to oblige.
  • My gf loves it, or alternatively she sucks some of my cum and then shares it with me in a kiss. To me that is incredibly sexy and intimate. As far as the creampie, she just generally likes it when I am licking her pussy - pardon the pun, but the creampie is the icing on the cake for her. That said, she absolutely hates shaved balls. I did it one time to surprise her. The surprise was on me. She looked at it and said that she felt like she was having sex and sucking dick with a ten year old. (She said both things at different times after my little surprise.) Lesson learned, I grew my hair back and so it has remained ever since.
  • I think it's a huge turn on, although I love any attention my pussy gets! I love sucking on my hubby's cock after he's cummed in me and I can taste our juices mingle so it's no big deal for him to eat me out after he's filled me up! As for the balls, nothing better than having a freshly shaved, smooth skin sack placed in my mouth. And hubby loves it when I tug on them with my lips and tongue!
    • dorat
      My gf is not into the smooth look, but I gotta agree. Having my gf lick and suck my balls drives me crazy. You ladies seem to really know what you are doing!! Tip of the hat.
  • Some do, not this one. No don't want to even think about that.

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