• My etiquette-conscious wife says: The old school says that money is never an appropriate wedding gift! But she also said: if you DO give money, make it close to what you'd spend on a gift for that couple. If you're not too close, $25.00 would be fine. Anything less would seem a little cheap these days, unless it would be too much of an expense for you.
  • Depends on your income. I mean, if you cannot afford it, you cannot afford it. I think $50 is a good amount per person. 2 ppl- $75-$100. Usually you have a reasonable amount of time between when you first find out about the wedding and when you attend the wedding. If you have 6 months, there is no reason you should not be able to save up at least $8 a month... which is about $50. If they paid for your hotel and other stuff, definitely don't go cheap. I think 25$ is really a very small amount, i would def not go lower than that.
  • $90.00-$125.00
  • 2-27-2017 According to Miss Manners, one of the few authorities in the subject nowadays, there are only two occasions when a gift is required: a birthday party and a shower. That is because those two occasions are specifically for the purpose of giving gifts. As for weddings, many people assume that a gift is proper, but you are entirely off the hook if you don't accept the invitation.
    • BlanesGirl09
      There are more wedding etiquette experts out there. They write for bridal magazines and write books. I have done both. I would respectfully disagree with this advice, as would other wedding etiquette experts that I know.
    • Jewels Vern
      Well, I suggest that when a gift is required, it's not a gift: it's a tax.
  • Perhaps $25.00. You might give more if they're really good friends of yours.
  • id say whatever you think it cost to entertain you for the night. Maybe $50 per person or soemthkfn like that. If you were buying a gift how much would you spend? Weddings are expensive and if everyone gifts back their expense you can help them pay it off
  • I'm a wedding etiquette expert. If giving cash as a gift or the amount that should be spent on a gift, it should be close to what is being spent on each person for the wedding and reception. So, if you are attending a church wedding with a dinner cruise on a yacht, a couple would spend approximately $250. If you are attending a wedding in a park with a BBQ following the wedding, a couple would spend approximately $50. A minimum of $50 and up.
  • suggests: * $50 to $75 as an appropriate gift amount for co-workers, distant relatives or casual friends; * $75 to $100 for most relatives and friends; and * $100-plus for close friends and family members. Jun 15, 2017
  • whatever you can afford

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