• Not only the FBI, local police as well. If you're on the lam, keep it turned off.
  • The way I understand it, not only can they track you, but they can listen in on your conversations whether your phone is on or off. Supposedly, the only way to prevent this is to remove the battery from the phone when not in use.
  • Use a throw away cellphone in all your future criminal activity
  • Law enforcement in general, not just the FBI. Most phones support a limmited GPS capability - unlike the satellite receivers, they triangulate using cell towers. This way in an emergency if you dial 911 (assuming they have the technology, some places with old systems still can't do this) they can locate you to within a few hundred feet even if you're injured or otherwise unable to respond and tell the dispatch where you are.
  • Oh, yes, they can. Some Verizon cell phones have built-in tracking devices as well
  • I pocket dialed an emergency number (not 911) at a friends house and the local police showed up at the door to check. Big brother is here and he's got big ears
  • Absolutely they can.
  • they can easily track you

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