• Yes, things will never be better than time spent with those you love. Things will never be what we remember, it is the time we spend with those we care about that we will remember.
  • Yes, and I can illustrate my thoughts with a very personal example. Me: Oldest child. My parents never gave me ANYTHING that I didn't earn in some way, unless it was a birthday or Xmas present. Luxuries were absolutely not handed out, no phone or tv in my room, no car of my own when I turned 16, etc. I grew up with the knowledge that earning something you want is far more rewarding than having it handed to you. Most importantly, it forces me to appreciate EVERY little thing I have, and take nothing whatsoever for granted. Every day I come home and think to myself, "it's not much, but it's all mine fair and square." In recent years, yes, I was given hand-me-down furniture and such, but by now my parents realize that I am a very appreciative adult, not a mopey teenager. My sister: Youngest child. Got everything she ever wanted by complaining, demanding, and manipulating. Had a phone and TV in her room, was given a family car when she got her license. Now she is rather irresponsible, and far from completely independent. My dad made a bad habit of spoiling her and giving her whatever she wanted, and now I fear she expects the rest of her life to go that way.
  • No, the two have nothing to do with each other. Giving your children things does not rob them of anything. It's only when the giving takes the place of all other forms of attention that there is a problem. I can assure you that children whose parents do not give them anything are not automatically the appreciating type. Appreciation is a learned concept and can be taught in every action by a loving parent. It is not tied in any way to material possessions.
  • I do. I can't remember all the toys my parents bought for me. I couldn't care less. Well, OK, just don't mess with my Paddington Bear :) When all is said and done, these parents will be leaving their child with an empty space where a memory should be. As an adult, I have little to no appreciation for the material things provided by my parents. I do appreciate all of the fond memories I have. My mom reading to me before bed, my dad and I singing songs together, et cetera. The operative word in your question is "giving". Perhaps it's just my observation, but kids these days don't have to earn much. They just want and mom and dad give. That will be a much bigger problem later on. I think it's sad. Being able to appreciate little things brings people a tremendous amount of joy. That is something that nobody should be robbed of.
  • Hmm...maybe, I think it does happen indeed. But, there sure are a lot of poor people, who can still learn the value of things and the appreciation that comes with.
  • Yes.My parents didn't have alot of money to spend on us kids.I was lucky to have a mother that was very creative and could make even the most mundane thing fun.I learned to appreciate the people and little things in my life.
  • I absolutely do. Kids who are given everything don't really have an appreciation for anything. If made to earn certain things, whether it's cellphones, Wii games, or whatever, they seem to appreciate it more than when things are just given. I think that was certainly true in my case, and with my son. I have seen first-hand with friends and coworkers who cater to their child's every whim. Those kids grow to have no respect for what they have been given and occasionally even less respect for the giver.
  • So much is taken away when children are spoiled like this. Not only do they not appreciate the little things they down right get upset if they do not feel they got enough. It is bad enough they give their children all their hearts desire they do not offer lessons that should go with the gifts. Like how much work it took just to get it. Seems so many have forgotten the plot and this is driving are young into cold hearted individuals. Reaching my aging years in life, some of these kids are either running part of our world or soon will be and I am not afraid to say it scares the hell out of me.
  • Certainly..parents overwhelm the kiddies with "stuff"..they structure their kids' lives with classes/lessons so they are not allowed to just "be" but must always be involved in achievement. You put tons of stress on them and you give everything they want even before they know they want it..gee, wonder why our society is so screwed up in some sectors? Happy Saturday! :) ((hugs))
  • I don't think it is the things so much as the method of giving. If the children earn them in some way, and if their use is monitored, it can be a positive experience. If the children get stuff just because they want stuff, then that is a problem.
  • I absolutely second that. I have noticed that there is no appreciation or responsibility amongst children now a days about their possessions. their attitude is so what if it breaks/is lost we will get another one.Also, they have become so materialist they don't really know how to enjoy running bare footed in the sand or maybe climbing a tree anymore.
  • Absolutely. Allot of the time, kids are becoming ungrateful and unable to be happy because of it. They only see the commercials and want the stuff, they don't understand what it takes to make those toys happen. They don't understand how much their parents have to work to pay for the things. They don't even know where the junk comes from. Seriously, if you took your daughter to meet the slave girls in Pakistan who make clothes for her Barbie, would she still want one?
  • Perhaps, but how many children have you known that appreciated the little things in life? How many ADULTS accept the little things in life?
  • Maybe a little, but the ability to appreciate the little things in life, in my opinion, is there at birth, nothing much sways that appreciation from that point on.

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