• because if his mother dont like you, chances are it aint gonna happen.
  • because no matter what they will think you arent good enough for their son, that and women are MEAN to one another and its so much worse when its someone you want to get to know and love as much as your guy. i know my guys mom likes me but she doesnt love me and i doubt she ever will, that and she doesnt think im good enough. :( i think i showed her by showing up at the hospital when she was sick tho. we are working on it :D
  • well in my case it was because his mom was still in love with his ex girlfriend...she still wanted them to get i was already going to be held up to certain standards when i met her...
  • because he is mommy's little boy and no "tramp" should ever steal mommy's boy lol
  • Because there are a lot of things that are taken into account like first impressions. It's stressful, but remember that if he sees how great you are, the likelihood of his mother seeing it too are there as well. Try not to stress, be yourself..and remember to be polite. Parents meeting their son's significant other will definitely see that as a plus.
  • They silently judge you...
  • i posted twice... oops! ignore
  • because were taking her son away...we feel guilty. well, i do, and i know my guy loves his mum. thats part of the reason i love him though, he has a LOT of respect for his parents and, sad as it sounds, i think its an amazing quality.
  • her power over the decision-making process. she's taught him his core values, right from wrong, happiness, how to cook noodles, how to dress when meeting new people. she's laid the groundwork that you will be faced with for the next 50 years, maybe. be polite, helpful, smile, listen, brag about him, brag about your relationship with him, and lastly, say a few really good things targeted to her values about yourself. don't fret.
  • cause you know she is going to hate you for taking her son away from her..... and you you will never be good enough for her precious little boy!!!
  • Hi Smooz! It's because she's the most influential woman in his life and the yardstick by which he will measure all other women -- even if only subconsciously.
  • If you knew my mother-in-law you would have no need for an answer to this question.
  • ...cos they make better cakes than you.
  • I didn't find meeting my future mother-in-law stressful at all. Now, his father was a different story :-) But that was just his personality and didn't have anything to do with his going to be my FIL.
  • Because she is about to judge whether you're good enough for her 'baby' boy
  • well it wasnt for me, were only young and he was living with her the 1st day we met and he invited me tound his for a film and chat(hed just broken up with a serious g/f and his grandad had died) we was both just looking 4 friendship. so when we met it wasnt like shes stealing my son shes going to break his heart blah blah blah we then fell in love! Meeting his Dad and uncle was harder, but i feel they like me more then she does now, he says she loves me but i dont c it lol
  • Because every mother of every son knows that no woman out there is worthy of her child..all of us know this going in so of course it is stressful! :)
  • I never been through THAT .. so I don't know!!
  • because u want ot make a good impression and you want her to accept u for some weird reason
  • Because [in my case] she thought that I was her replacement.
  • Because few people will be harder to please or judge with a more critical eye than someone's mother.
  • Actually, most of my boyfriends' mothers liked me how I was. Mostly because I ate their cooking, no matter how odd and I didn't dress provacatively.

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