• 8 US fluid ounces = 236.588238 ml 8 (8 oz glasses)=1.8927059 liters
  • Each glass: appr 250 ml, 8 glasses: appr 2000 ml (2L).
  • Usually, the recommended amount is 8 8oz. glasses of water, or 64 oz per day. The equivalent is 1.893 liters.
  • In total it's approximately 2 litres a day, which would then translate to 250ml a glass.
  • "They" say, but to my knowledge no scientific study has ever been done to make a recommendation. The only reason I can think of for drinking a lot of water is that people in the tropics get a lot of kidney stones so it seems to be a good idea to flush out the kidneys.
  • OMG........'they' are always saying that.......NO scientific proof of this!!! just try to drink what's comfortable for you.........8 glasses a day? I'd be bloated all day long and doing nothing but peeing all day.........don't forget the food you eat has 'water' also,....please TRY to eat more FRESH FRUITS AND's very important for your overall health......and that lettuce on your damn fast food sandwich DOES NOT COUNT. BUT GETTING BACK TO WATER.......I tried drinking that much and results are stated above......dont overdo it...... best way to tell if you're getting enough water? your pee........if its very very light, you're fine; if it's a darker color,,,,then drink more water! see how easy????????? AND ALSO DRINK PURIFIED WATER....have a filtration system hooked up to your kitchen sink.....if you are single, GET ONE OF THOSE WATER FILTER PITCHERS....I've had one for years and water tastes so much better..... AND FOR CRIPES SAKE DONT BUY BOTTLED WATER....what you spend on it in a year pays for the filtration system or pitcher. and think of the OVERFLOWING LANDFILLS. gee, I sure do go on, huh? LOL :-D but this is a serious topic and I wanted to get it all in!!!! LOL :-D
  • That's baloney If you eat whole fresh fruits and vegetables, that liquid is better. Listen to your body Eat, drink, work, play, sleep, social & solitude. No one formula for all.

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