• No. Although we share 98% of our DNA, we are sufficiently different for interbreeding to be impossible.
  • No, I don't think that's possible.
  • cross-species breeding is impossible, thank God. otherwise i'm sure some mad scientist somewhere would want to do it and use the resulting creatures as lab-rats or something...<<<<shudder>>>>
  • Not in the conventional sense of "breeding", no. Chimpanzees and humans have a different number of chromosome pairs (chimps have 48, humans have 46) making them genetically incompatible for reproduction.
  • 42 years ago in Toledo Ohio (USA) the local TV station showed a living creature having the body of a cat with a rabbit head. ???????. This is a true fact.
  • Around 1920 there was a Russian biologist by the name of Ilyia Ivanovich Ivanov, who made several experiments between humans and apes. I have read a full report on one of his experiments, a female humanzee, requested by Stalin to this biologist. Stalin's wish was to have a very strong and resistant army that would obey orders and not get tired, in other words a super soldier so he funded the study to be done by Ivanovich Ivanov. There are very many pages in the Internet on this matter but they are not easy to find, I will leave you two links so you can read them, get information from them and thus further search for the pictures and details. I am sorry I am not leaving the link to the study in full, but I do not agree with this abomination or any other similar one.

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