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  • A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, G, and H are the letters used to define bra sizes. If you've ever wondered why, but couldn't figure out what the letters stood for, here's the information.... {A} Almost Boobs... {B} Barely there. {C} Can't Complain! {D} Dang! {DD} Double dang! {E} Enormous {F} Fake. {G} Get a Reduction. {H} Help me, I've fallen and I can't get up!
  • a teenagers main priority in bra sizes is to be at least a c cup. it also depends on their body size. one of my friends is around 5foot 2 and a d cup and is constantly teased about how big her boobs are. hoowever if she was 5'9 she wouldnt be considered anything special. an average sized teenage girl usually has a b cup and wants to be bigger. d is just getting abnormally big for most.
  • Any cup can be considered big on a person it all depends on their body type, a large B can look big on a small frame person, but just in general I think C are considered big!
  • I get teased often for my large boobs. I am 5'8 and have DD's, but I'm also a teenager. High school kids have no mercy.
  • I think a C is big. I'm a B cup, I think they're all right. They fit in most shirts, so that's a plus.
  • Im a 32D i was wearing a 34B till i got measured and even though it seems like a D is big i still feel small to other girls even the ones that were smaller than me and looked it they look bigger than me ><
  • Depends on the body type, height, weight... But universally, I think once it hit DD you are considered to be well endowed.
  • It really depends on the size of the body that the boobs are on. I'm a 32DD, meaning I have a small body shape. My friend is a 38DD. We both have the same cup size but she looks considerably larger because her frame is bigger.
    • Jmg1234
      That's not how it works. Her boobs are considerably larger than yours. Someone could have add but still have smaller breasts depending on their band size.
    • Jmg1234
      A dd*
  • I'm only 5'4" and weigh in @ 118 lbs. I was measured at Victoria's Secret and was told I'm a very full 36 C My boobs look huge on me. My sister on the other hand is 5'8' and was also measured at Victoria's Secret by the same person and is also a very full 36 C but she weighs 150 lbs and her boobs don't look big at all. So it all depends on your body style.
  • double d and above. i just feel sorry for girls who have to suffer those back problems in later life along with all the stares.
  • Apparently the average breast size in Britain is now somewhere between a 36C and a 34E: Although considering how many women wear the wrong size bra and that most of us estimate we're smaller than we are, the real average is probably even bigger. You have to account that a lot of the women sporting E cups are more likely to be women who are large all over, than page 3 model types. "Big" boobs depend a lot on the size of everything else surrounding them - if you're 5 foot 2 and weigh 7 stone then D cups are going to look massive - if you're 6 foot and wear a size 16 you'll probably be more or less in proportion. The shape, where they are on your chest and what you wear also plays a part in how big your boobs actually look.
  • Thats the same as me- i got measured as a 32C, which on paper seems reasonably endowed but they look no bigger than an A cup. The shape of peoples boobs are different and you have to take the frame into account. I just wish the women in this world would stop having surgery to enhance themselves so their boobs looked enormous on their figure, it just puts pressure on those whose figures don't show them off that well to get them enhanced.
  • oops multiple answer.
  • When i was at high school i thought my boobs were enormous. They were about a C and i hated them. a few years later they're now a D and i love them.. I don't actually know if they are big or small, but they seem to fit my body perfectly and thats all that matters.
    • Jmg1234
      As long as you're happy! But the cup means nothing without the band size. Someone could be a double d but be small because the band is relative.
  • I'm 23 years old. For 22 years I wasn't even an A cup....this year however my body has finally started to catch on that I'm an Adult and I sprang up it seems over an A cup. I've never felt better about my chest. On me I feel like my A cup looks big. I'm about 5'3 with a small ribcage. So it sticks out enough to show and finally fill my shirt efficiently. Whereas before I was trying to wear the nearly A bras and I still have "air space" then suddenly the Nearly A fit! Next thing I know...I'm spilling out of the Nearly A bra and I've made it to an A cup. It's all in what you make of it.
  • I am a 36JJ cup, I think D to ff cup bras are medium and large is from a G cup, when you get to JJ, thats very large and I know a few girls incliding my sister who are even bigger at 38M and 36R. Its all relative to your back size a 30G looks much bigger than a 40G.Being a XXXL lower half also makes them look smaller
  • My chest has always been big in comparison to my frame, I am 5.2ins.When I was a UK size 6 I had 28/30 DD then as I have gained weight to a U' size 12 I am now 32 E. Yes men do talk to my chest and I feel like screaming @Come on you can make it, just raise that chin a little higher to meet my face', but I am stuck with them... I am the only female in the family with big boobs.. No back problems and yes they are pert. Must be all the swimming I did!!
  • I just turned 14 and I wear c's everyone says I have big boobs. It makes people jealous, but they get annoying, too many guys perving on me.
  • I concider D to be big and C to be the perfect size. I'm only a B though :(
  • As I mentioned, I am a 36JJ(UK). This works out at 36 inches under the bust and 50 inches around the fullest part. My sister is a 38M, thats 38 under bust and 54 inches around fullest part. Sizes run from AAA AA A B C D DD E F FF G GG H HH J JJ K M in the UK. I also mentioned a friend who is an 36R, 36 under bust measurement and crumbs! absolutely enormous about 60 inches I guess around the fullest part, she has her bras made to order at £400 each .Tina
  • It largely depends on the woman's rib cage. The larger the band size, the larger the cup (even given the same letter sizing). For example, someone who wears a 42C is much larger than even a 32DD. In the US, a C cup is 'big' on an 'average' frame.
  • I would say anything bigger than a C is big. I'm a B and think of myself as small.
  • I think it depends on the frame of the woman - not just the cup size. For example a B cup on an XS is much bigger than a B cup on a L. Hope that makes sense.
  • I have size J and I'm 19 I'm not fat or big in any other place they really don't go with my body. I'm getting a Reduction soon because I'm in so much pain with my size. I THINK I 'll go to a D.
  • I'm 24, and my husband thinks I have big boobs. I wear a 34C and he seems happy.
  • im a D and i think they're about right for me being 5ft2 although it does mean i usually have to go up one or two top sizes for them to fit :/
  • C is average D is above average, I would rather not get into big boob little tittie debates. It really isn't that important to guys. How you treat people is a lot more important. Remember this, people will forgot what you had on, what you said, and what you drove up in. They will NEVER forgot HOW YOU MADE THEM FEEL. Anyone who likes you or dislikes you because your breasts are not big enough to meet their approval 1 Doesn't matter 2 Never mattered 3 Never will matter. 4 Are generally just big boobs themselves
  • I would have to say H is
  • I really feel for the ladies that Tina mentioned who had 38 M and 36 R size breasts? i actually didnt know they made those sizes? I find it really hard to get the right size but im sure mine is easy compared to finding their's. Im a size 28 H or HH; i hate it it as its really hard to get the right bra with my small back size. I hate the fact i have to pay so much for a bra or underwired bikkini's compared to my friends who can spend £5 or £10's for theirs!I like Bravissimo but not there prices!Does anyone know of any cheaper places to buy bras? Also i think G and above is classed as big and C/D would be a lovely size to be!
  • Bra Sizes Ever wonder why ...... are ? A - Almost B - Better /Big C - Cute D - Damn good E - Enormous F - Fake G - Great /gorgeous H- Huge I – Eye-catching J – Just big enough K- King size L- Large M- medium/Minute N- nice O-oversized P-poor Q- quality R- Real S-small T-Tiny UL- ultra large VL-very large w- Wow what boobs X-extremely large z-zoomed
  • I think it rather depends on the size of a persons frame or ribcage. On some a C is a large cup size on others a D Or DD upwards.
  • In my case A
  • A cup if they're man-boobs--lady jugs cc.
  • 99Q. :)
  • A - DD. man they are all big and beautiful. who cares about a bra size?
  • When the back aches, it's too big.
  • DD and up are classed as big.
  • i was joking
  • A Maidenform Corporation representative says that the average American bra size is now 36-C, up from 34-B about 20 years ago. They feel that there are a number of reasons for this. By that standard any cup size D or over would qualify as big. But we know that women carry their breasts differently so what might look big on one doesn't on another.
  • EEE way too big
  • Anything over a D (but I'm only a B so of course anything bigger seems big to me LOL)
  • I would say double D is big.
  • More than a hand full
  • I'm a 34dd and struggle to find pretty bras that fit but i very seldom see ones bigger than that in the normal outlets. So i would say dd+
  • FWIW, Im a 36B.

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