• No, not unless you have a heart problem or related diseases. Why take it then? because when you eventually do need it, your body will be accustomed to it and it will not work for you.
  • There are potential risks, but I must say having an erection for 2+ hours is not nearly as fun as it sounds.
  • It can be very risky to take Viagra when you do not need it. Plenty of health issues you may have (and some may not know you have) could have adverse side effects when combined with Viagra - especially issues with blood pressure. This article lists the health risks:
  • hello, yes,it can give you a very painful long lasting erection.
  • Everything is dangerous if you take it even though you dont need it.
  • Yes, especially if you work as a butcher.
  • Yes it can be VERRRY dangerous! My uncle had some blood pressure issues he was not aware of and took some before a date. That night he was found dead in his bed. The coroners said that his heart literally exploded inside his chest due to the increased pressure going through his valves. Unless your doctor has specifically given you the rx, I would advise against it.
  • I tried viagra also if I didn't need it. the important is that you haven't got heart problem. was great!
  • Viagra is a heart may have dangerous consequences if mixed with other heart medications. It increases blood pressure and it is blood pressure that operates the equipment.

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