• What kind of "a film" is it? A narrative feature length movie? A documentary? A short subject? Will this be meant for theatrical release or some other venue? And what is the topic of the film? The word "Average" could mean a lot of different things, or the movie might not be directly related to the title at all. Aside from those issues, it seems as though you might find more success as a writer/filmmaking if you create a project that centers on a topic that you are able to conceive ideas about on your own. Write about what YOU know and stories that inspire you from your own experience. If you feel "average" or want to make a movie about math that uses "average" as a background for the hero, then run with that based on what YOU know. There's only so much help you can get from others if you don't really know what you are trying to achieve. Good luck! Brian Dzyak Cameraman/Author IATSE Local 600, SOC

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