• These are people that wouldn't want to see him in office no matter what I dont know wh though there is nothing they can do now he won fair and they cant do any thing to change that.
  • Why are people continuing to bash the name and character of President Bush? He’s won, people—twice! Let it go! Seriously, The_Inception… no public figure is *ever* going to get away with not being bashed, much less a politician.
  • i guess because everyone's made a habit out of hating the president of the u.s. and they figure, "why stop now?"
  • Because, no matter what, people are always going to find something to complain about.
  • He is a socialist and a liar, that's why.
  • Why, we've been listening t Obama lovers bash Bush, or is the fairness doctrine going to make me give equal time to Bush Bashers.
  • No matter who is elected, those who voted for the other guy will always be matter if they are Dems or GOP.
  • People are continuing to bash President elect Obama because they are in the closet racists and forget he is not a black slave and that we are not in the times of slavery. Republicans are sore, they can't swallow the fact that a black man won the election cleanly and that their candidate lost. I have kept quiet for a long time, I did not want to harm Senator McCain with the links I will now give you to carefully read and make sure you understand them. 1] Why did the Republicans loose the Majority in the Senate and House in 2006? How many of you know there was a pedophilia scandal with the pages in both houses and that 13 GOP members were involved in such a matter, check the enclosed links:,8599,1542405,00.html 2] What happened during the the past month of September 2008 during the campaigns? It was a tremendous scandal as the GOP was involved in a sex, drugs, tax payers money and big oil money spending scandal? Read about it: 3] Why Senator John McCain lost the White House? These statements have been made by the GOP and no one else: If mudslinging is going to be the issue, then let's mudsling all together we shall see who has more mud to throw around.
  • With all due respect "The_Inception", it's YOU who must "let it go." As ignorant as it is, there will ALWAYS be people who'll despise President-Elect Obama, for any number of reasons. There's nothing you can do about it. What you CAN do is protect your sanity and avoid as many of the Obama-baiters as you can. You can't fight them all. Toy can, however, fight JUDICIOUSLY. Whenever you run across a particularly ignorant post (and there's quite a few, so you'll have to ignore most of them), INTELLIGENTLY pick it apart. Demonstrate how stupid the question if with as many FACTS or VALID JUSTIFICATIONS you can supply. Follow the example of President-Elect Obama during the campaign. Despite whatever was thrown at him, he STAYED FOCUSED and maintained a calm disposition. At NO time did he let emotion distract him from his game plan. ERRATIC BEHAVIOR, as we know, was one of the reasons the McCain/Palin ticket lost. Now, lift your head, and relate to these people the way you would any other scum... ...just remember to scrape the bottom of your shoes before you go inside.
  • Dont know why but am happy for him . He is a good man. Guess some just it hard when their guy is not elected. Bad names hurt people and honestly I cant see anything wrong with this man. He is quite a gentleman.
  • I wish I knew the answer to that question. I suppose they are very disappointed, bitter and angry and maybe that is the only way they can handle the loss. I wish they could be more proud of the uniquely American thing we did, though. It is sad that so much of the rest of the world celebrates with us, while some of our own people are bitterly upset, angry and so very hostile.
  • hope this helps ya feel better.
  • sure he can count on the same support from me that President Bush got from ya'll
  • Simply because Obama won the majority vote, doesn't mean that people are simply bashing him because they do not like him or wish he didn't win. Obama has some serious character flaws. He makes bad decisions in who he chooses to hang with (Ie.Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright) He has little to no experience. They have sent a boy to do a mans job unfortunately. There are many issues that are valid and honest that need to be addressed concerning Mr.Obama and the future of the USA in his hands.
  • Let it go?!?! Did you not base your vote on yout personal interest? I did not vote for Obama because it was not in my best interest to do so, based on the things that he said in the campaign. Now for the next four years a weak president and for the next two maybe four years a Congress of the same party with overbearing leadership may be doing things that are detrimental to my life style and yours. I cannot just "let it go" and neither should you.
  • They think the world is going to end and the United States will implode in on itself. Bashing Obama is their way of preventing that.
  • Wow as I recall from day one democrats bashed Bush why would they expect any better from us. Lets face it it took about 3,000 + dead bodies to bring us together and then later people blamed Bush for it. Now how can we all get along when people have no intent to is my question?

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