• 9/11/2001 when the towers were falling.
  • The love and affection from a long distant relationship once we finally met. I would have never believed in a thousand years it would be as good as it now is.
  • I find it hard to get my head around the fact the universe might be infinite.
  • The way people treat each other and also how my children are such great kids not at all like how I was when I was their age.
  • Too many times :)
  • I have seen both love and hate that have surprised and deeply affected me. Of course, the love is always more powerful, more substantial, and more true than any of the bad stuff.
  • Oh yes. The longer that I live, I have just about come to the conclusion that almost nothing would surprise me. And, I don't like that at all.
  • The fact Federer lost the Wimbledon this year... I can't believe it even now...
  • yes...way too many times...way too much to explain....some good...some very bad....
  • ok...I like the horn player, but I need to teach the lead singer how to kidding, not my style, but good enough...I can imagine this done to some jazz too. I understand your writing.. good job putting it into words...I used to be there.... but now, I am free..there is a war, but I am on the right side, the enemy can (and often does) get in a few licks, but he cannot and will not win! I read the end of the story and so did he.
  • yup, felt a girl waking me up by fingering my butthole, I felt it, but I didn't believe it. however, I came around to the idea quicker than I thought. :p

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