• What gets me is how each of these movements is just a reincarnation of an earlier one. Look back at the punk movement of the 70s and 80s and tell me you don't see anything similar to those modern movements. You are right, though. You cannot be a rebel or a true individual when you still conform to a style or trend that is also common. You are still conforming.
  • Well, if they are dressing a certain way because they want to and not because others want them to, then they are being individualistic. Maybe not unique, but being unique isn't for everyone.
  • All the styles have been done. I mean someone that whips out a zuit suit is unique but still following trends from the 30-40-50's eras. Everything that can be done pretty much has been. So when left without an outlet for original expression many people go with the current trend. Is it any less an expression on their part?

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