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  • I'm almost afraid to answer this because of your age, but technically many school libraries have books on the subject so I'll keep it clean. All I can say is that it definitely will NOT hurt, unless you do something that would hurt anywhere else in general. Probably the best suggestion that can be given is to just try "anything" to that area and see what you like. Obviously start slow until you figure out your own pace. A relatively PG-rated method is to just stick yourself under the faucet in your bathtub with warm water on full blast and let the water do the work.
  • hi when I first started masturbation I just did the clit rub this is what u do: 1.) get relaxed you could have a warm bath or shower 2.) go somewere priv were no one will see u 3.) lie down and spread your legs out wide it should start to excite you already 4.) start of slow rubbing ur clit and start getting farster and farster you should feel yourself coming to orgasm. 5.) while u r rubbing ur clit with your other hand pinch your nipples and they will enlarge and harden tht will make you feel realy excited :P and it dont hurt at all :D x
  • Try this website. It's pretty much all girls, aimed at pretty much all ages, and there is a whole section on what you want to find out about. Here, I'll give you a link. It's called gURL, and I use it all the time. There is a LOT of good info on there, and you can also ask personal questions. This link is to the 'fast facts' section on 'masturbation'.,,715079,00.html

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