• I frankly can't think of any unless they feel it is best if they are going to have or already have chilren. Also, if their religious beliefs say they need to be married, that would be another reason. Otherwise, I can't see a real purpose in it anymore.
  • I thought there was only one- because you love each other, want to spend the rest of your life together and want to declare the fact by getting married?
  • I can only think of one - because you want to.
  • I can think of:- You're prepared to grow old with the person. You're willing to share the ups & downs with the person. & most importantly, you couldn't see yourself without the person.
  • Because I believe there is something in a person that enjoys and wants that higher level of commitment...sticking it out through good AND bad, and getting up in front of others to state that they are devoted to doing just that. Marriage is isn't supposed to be easy. But to have that person committed to pulling through with you I think is one of the best things you could hope for.
  • 1. Married people live longer. 2. When a woman and man form a partnership in marriage, each half combines to create a much stronger whole. 3. A marriage creates the best environment humans have developed so far, for having children and creating a stable home for that child. 4. There is a financial advantage to being married. Tax breaks, and sharing of expenses. 5. It's nice to have someone on your side, watching your back while you watch theirs. 6. There is much growth that individuals can experience in navigating a long term relationship in a marriage. It is not always easy, but it will test your strengths and help you develop your relationship skills as a human being. 7. Free toasters and all the other wedding gifts you get to start your home. 8. To experience the shifting and changing experience of love within the bounds of commitment over time. that's all I can think of... 8 out of 10 isn't bad.
  • 1. You couldn't live without them. (You're really in love) 2. You couldn't possibly see yourself with anyone else (when the idea of someone else enters your mind, you immediately smack it away without a second thought) 3. You have alot in common 4. Share the same or similar viewpoints 5. Attracted to each other (without that, you're just really good friends) 6. Can laugh at the same things 7. Can talk about anything, including your secrets and fears 8. Feel like you can be yourself when with them 9. When with them you're the happiest you have ever felt ever 10. You know you won't be the only one giving in the relationship (in no particular order) I think without these things you are merely settling for someone. Love does exist. Don't marry someone and hope for love to grow. You should be in love before you're married. Am I married? No.. but I am the daughter of divorced parents, and have witnessed many relationships go sour, including my own.
  • I don't think there are ANY good reasons for getting married. I lived with my girlfriend for 23 years with very few problems. The ONLY reason we separated was because she had a nervous breakdown, the cause of which had nothing to do with our relationship but unfortunately the outcome of it did.
  • I thought and pondered and I cannot come up with ten, sorry lol
  • 1) Companionship. 2) Procreation (should you choose to do so.) 3) Saf(er) sex. 4) Creating a bigger financial puddle from which to draw your lot. (Two jobs make for better purchases than one job.) 5) Economy of scale.... Nope. Only five reasons. I was going to say shared housework. But even though a spouse SHARES the housework, they also DOUBLE the housework (twice as many dishes to wash, food to cook, clothes to clean...) so it's a wash.
  • I don't know if I could find ten reasons; but I learned how to tactfully compromise without losing my objective.
  • 1: Love 2: Companionship 3: Children 4: Sex (at least u dont have to go looking for it) 5: Constant arguing 6: Winging and whining 7: Money 8: Divorse 9: Freedom 10: Loneliness
  • 10 reasons why you get married in the first place: 1. You love one another. 2. You want to build a permanent and lasting relationship with that person. 3. You want to have children together. 4. You want to live together because you can't stand the thought of leaving each other at the end of the night. 5. You want to be part of a family with him/her. 6. You can't imagine your life without him/her in it. 7. You want to share all of your experiences from now until the end of your days with him/her. 8. He/She has become your best friend and lasting companion and you want to bind all of that together through the bonds of your vows. 9. That person knows all of your faults and loves you in spite of them. 10. And yes sometimes just the thought of being married is why some men/women get married. 10 reasons why you stay married: 1. You are comfortable just being together even if you are not having a conversation but just sitting and enjoying something together. 2. You love sharing every aspect of life with him/her. 3. You argue with each other but still love each other. 4. You can say you are sorry after the argument and mean it and he/she can do the same. 5. You can forgive AND FORGET after each argument and he/she can do the same. 6. You can watch each other using the bathroom and carry on a normal conversation and not find it wierd. 7. You know each others routines and do everything you can to help your spouse with it (like having the coffee ready before he/she gets up even if you don't drink it). 8. When absence makes your heart grow fonder. (like my husband is currently away at a convention and I can't wait for Sunday to get here! He has only been gone one day but I already miss him!). 9. For Ladies: He has been there for you through pregnancy and childbirth, helped you out through the recovery phase, got up in the middle of the night with the baby and let you sleep or at least got up with you, changed the diapers, dealt with the spit up, and every other aspect of child rearing. For Men: You have helped her through childbirth and were more awed by it than grossed out. You changed the diapers, dealt with the spit up, and every other aspect of raising a child or children and wouldn't change any of it for anything. 10. You have seen each other at your worst as well as your best, watched the waistlines grow, the stretch marks and wrinkles appear, and everything else that goes on with our ever changing bodies and you still want to touch and kiss every part of that body.
  • 1. Love 2. You can't imagine your life without them 3. Having a family 4. Companionship 5. Someone to share your joy and sadness with 6. Knowing each other's faults and loving each other despite of them. 7. To display your love to other people 8. Fianacial advantage 9. You want to grow old together 10. LOVE!
  • I only known one, sorry. To pay your bills.
  • So that you have someone to cuddle and watch the late news on TV with, however gruesome, cruel and disgusting be the happenings in the world. So that you have someone to soap the unreachable areas of your back when you bathe. So that you can ask someone to switch off the light when you are already tucked comfortably in bed, with your toes all warm. So that you can share budget woes and income woes – and then go out together to splurge on a new music system. So that your parents can tell someone all about how you were as a little kid every Christmas, or New Year’s. So that you discover how like you another human being can be, and how completely different. So that you can tumble into bed, stone tired, unworried about the morning, because someone is there to share it with you. So that you can come home to a wonderful surprise, present, or thoughtful gesture, or you can create the perfect surprise, present or thoughtful gesture for another. So that you can look in wonder at the tiny, perfect human being you have both together brought into the world. So that you can fight and forgive, and forget and sleep, only to do it all over again, with your love getting stronger all the time Courtesy of my late friend
  • Im old the kids arent bastards.

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