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  • well... um i guess yes... often when travelling i leave the curtains open at the hotel. i think i was watched once in Manila, but don't know for sure. i will be traveling in early Dec and don't plan to use the shades then either.
  • O I do it all the time!!!!
  • Oh, yeah. :P Sometimes, if I'm in the mood, and if I'm at the mall or something, I'll just go into a crowded store under the pretense of trying on some clothes/bikinis. When I get into the dressing room, I'll leave the door ajar a bit. :D At other times, I simply get undressed in front of one of my windows. :P And occasionally, I visit those adult stores with the video booths in the back.
  • Oh, lots of times. I love being seen naked, and I love showing off. I rarely ever close my door or windows when I'm changing, I'm always leaving dressing room doors ajar, and hell, I'll leave the door to a campground shower completely open.
  • yes when i know that my mother in law is out my house and i am getting out of the shower i crack the bathroom/bedroom door open so she has the chance to see me naked.
  • Does jerking off out a window on a 3rd floor count?
  • on many occasions, go to buy new shoes wearing a short skirt and stay-ups without panties, worn swim suits that become sheer when wet or are small enough that I sometimes pop out, go for very adventerous Sunday drives, etc... :)
  • go online - changed in front of people - why not?
  • I used to drive a delivery van and the driver seat sat way up high. I would drive around with my pecker hard and sticking up for all to see. I've also done the leave the curtain open thing alot. It's a huge turn on for me.
  • Yes, may times when I was a teenager. I used to walk up and down the stairs naked past a large window. I know I got caught once. Not so much these days. I do like to wear skimpy underwear/swimwear on the beach, especially if it goes slightly sheer when wet!
  • all the time
  • I have, but only for certain people to see. I haven't done that for random strangers and don't think I could grow the balls to do it either. But on the internet and anonymous is a different story.
  • Yes all of these. I have also slept naked in a hostel dorm and allowed the sheets to 'fall' off during the night so I'm openly naked when everyone woke up.
  • I change in front of the window and theres a few neibors that watch regularly....:)
  • Well I seem to be highly unlucky when it comes to keeping myself covered... I donno what it is but back in HS walking from the parking lot to school with my g/f we are both in pleated short skirts... The wind comes up and my skirt is pinned to my back leaving everything on display and her's is barely ruffling in the wind... I'm like how come!?!? She just laughed... But thats been the story of my life... I'm the one that's gonna get exposed sooner or later... I don't seem to have to intentionally plan anything it just happens... Probably my worst one is in chem lab I have on this new skirt that was short, a little tight around my waist (I was worrying I was putting on weight) and I decided to go commando that day... it was warm and nice... I walked from my lab table over to this cabinet to get some beakers for which I had to stretch up for it. Now mind you there are no less than 35 guys in this class and probably 20 girls including me. As I reached up I felt this faint pop around my waist and didn't think anything of it. I had two beakers one in each hand. I pushed the cabinet door closed and started to back away from the edge of the counter and swoosh... my skirt is suddenly at my ankles and I have not a bloody thing on... My ass is pointed right at the class! Needless to say in my frozen moment of shock this one guy whistles and yells YEAH JEN! Everyone looks... I slam the beakers down bend over (probably giving every on an even better view up me) pull up my skirt and storm out of the room mortified... So ya see.. I don't even have to plan it!
  • When I was 20 years old my mom was dying from cancer and it was very difficult to be home with her as sick as she was. My then girlfriend talked with her mom and agreed to let me stay at their house. I had to sleep on the couch. I also had not had sex with my girlfriend ever at this time. While showering one night I had just finished and her mom had just come home from work. She had to use the restroom and I had accidentally left the door unlocked. I had just finished jacking off in the shower as well, so I was still partly hard at this point. She opened the door and just stared at my cock for what seemed like forever. I should point out that she was recently divorced so I kind of understood. Later that night I woke up on the couch to having my cock sucked by the mom....and ever since then I have been a bit of a voyeur.
  • I've never been shy about my body. I routinely change clothes with other people around. I love to swim naked, even in mixed company. I have even allowed other people to watch my bf and I have sex.
  • i have left the curtains open at times
  • im the one doing the peeking at camp grounds, you can always catch girls naked there.
  • Wear mini skirts and no panties and bend over
  • yes, very short skirts with no panties, pole danced naked, nude beaches, diddled myself in the car while driving, sheer tops, yes, I like to get naked and do it fairly often.
  • Yes. One day I was taking a bath and my door bell rung so I put on this sheer grown and ran opening the door I was thinking it was mu husband , but it turn out to be a neighbor, I was kinda embarrass but also turn on. Because I was soaking wet and you could see everything. Another I was at this store trying different clothes and intentionally left the door crack so others could see me.
  • Yes several times - I do it when ever I can
  • My wife's younger sister was sleeping over on our couch. She had to get up at 5AM to go to work, so I told her I would come wake her up. When I went to wake her up in the morning I was just wearing an undershirt and my boxers, and I pulled my dick out the hole in my underwear. She was on the couch, so when I woke her up, my dick was almost level with her face. She saw it almost as soon as she opened her eyes. she just reached out and gently grabbed it with two finger, the way you would pick up a piece of trash or something. Then she asked "...and...what is this exactly..." I just said oops and brushed it off like it was an accident.
  • I have another one. My wife has a box of naked pictures of me in the bathroom for her own personal use. She keeps them under the sink along with our bathroom supplies. Well, when I know that her sister is coming over I will hide the roll of toilet paper and prop the box of pictures up against the cabinet door. That way when she goes to look for toilet paper, the box tumbles out on to the floor spilling all the pictures. Her sister has to clean up the naked pictures of me, and I cannot be blamed for anything :-)
  • Oh yeah. My gf and I went to a resort in the Caribbean. It had a beach and also a secluded "lagoon" swimming pool. Meaning that the pool was designed to look like a tropical lagoon. It wasn't large, but it had a pathway to and from the pool otherwise surrounded by plants. The pool itself was lit. At night, the resort would go quiet but for a small skeleton staff of maintenance people. Each room was its own little cabana up in the hills and overlooking the ocean or the main island. (The resort itself was small island adjacent to the main island and accessible only by a little boat.) So one night my gf and I went down from our room our room and went skinny dipping in the pool and had sex, figuring we would be seen by some of the staff. We didn't know for sure but next day when we went to the dock to take the boat over to the main island, three of the staffers applauded. My only other story was before I met my gf. I took a trip to Europe, including Amsterdam, which has a legal red light district. Yes, I had sex with a few of the prostitutes, but the weird part was I went to a bar that had a sex show - with audience participation. Reader's digest version: I participated. The girl came on stage pretending to be a magician. She picked me out of the audience. The "magic" was taking off my clothes in front of the rather large male and female audience. She then sucked and stroked me until I shot my load. (I got an award for shooting the farthest. My guess is that every guy who did it "shot the farthest.") Then she put me in a cage - which honestly worried me a bit as my wallet was in my pants on the stage floor - and released me later in the show and we had sex on the stage while the audience cheered and hollered. By far!!! - the wildest thing I ever did. For my troubles, as I mentioned above, they gave me as a prize a pair of The Simpsons boxer shorts which I still have. That's about the most exhibitionist I have ever been.
  • My sister used to live with her friends and I used to stay over sometimes. She had this really nerdy guy friend that was really into weed and anime, he was probably close to 30 my sister was 24 and I was 15. Every now and then, it would get really late and my sister would go to sleep and me and the guy friend would stay up watching anime and smoking weed. I used to wear really long Tshirts before bed and I used to sit in front of him rolling blunts so he could see my underwear and I would pretend not to notice. Sometimes I would go in the bathroom take my panties off and go back out to the living room and watch anime or whatever. I used to get like a charge out of watching him trying to look between my legs or him letting me roll more weed so he can see that I wasn't wearing anything under the t-shirt. He never said anything and always pretended not to look unless I was rolling the weed or something. He got a really nice job writing code for some company that sells call center software. He still comes to the apt every now and then, but he doesn't smoke weed anymore and I haven't done that ever since he left, but I would do it again

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