• Keep trying him on his cell, but don't go crazy. Also try the job, if you know his number. After doing all this, and he still doesn't respond, then I would say, he is not the right one for you. He might be playing with your feelings, and might even be talking to someone else right now. Don't let him control you like that; and don't give him too many chances if he should call you back with an explanation.
  • Here is the equasion: If he's not calling "You", he's calling someone else or else he's just "In his cave." Guys do that sometimes. If you know him at all, (and this is not some stalker move) .. try being around near where/when he parties and see if he shows up with somebody else. I've used this on several occasions and it never failed to answer my questions. There are a lot of guys who are just plain "Dogs" and feel it's their Right to "Spread the love around." Or you could just drive by his house, see his car there and knock on the door. If he invites you in, ask more questions. If he doesn't answer the door and the house goes quiet and the curtains move a little, you've got your answer then too. Good luck. J
  • That depends. Does he know he's your boyfriend? He may be your boyfriend but you may not be his girlfriend.
  • How long have yall been going out? And if it's been a long time then you should connsider the realtionship to be over. But if its been a short time he probably doesn't know
  • Ya my bf has his phone off most of the time or he just doesn't answer it. I usually resort to calling his house which something about that kinda freaks me out i don't know why but it does. You should tell him that it bothers you and make sure everything is ok. Or do what I his house. If his parents picks up ask to speak to your bf....
  • Honestly, my first concern would be making sure he hadn't been hit by a car or something. Maybe he lost his phone, or something happened- wait for confirmation before considering it over! And you might want to try to talk to his family or other friends to make sure he's alright. If nobody's heard from him in a week, call the police!
  • im in the same boat as you so i would jump a step and wait. Men are like hunters they like the chasing, if you are constantly calling, texting and leaving messages then he might have add enough. but he should tell you and let you know whether you are still both an item- otherwise its just wasting your time! If he does ring you after a week without you pressuring him then it shows he wants to know you. He might of got a job and working long hours or he may not have any signal. i have done this with my last boyfriend. i pressured him everyday and he didnt wanna know me and lost me. i am with someone else and i waited and he texts me when i dont call or text him. Remember Guys are HUNTERS! Good Luck!
  • I am so frustrated.. after 3 months of serious date..and which we hope to gradually end in matrimonial.. why has he gone cold... on me. Lately it is so hard to get him online or even his phone is unavailable. I like to keep positive thoughts.. but this is coming to 3 rd day.. of silence.. what must I do? It is hard when ppl say to do things you like move one drop him or give him space etc... I just want him to let me know are we now still an item or not? Is that too much to ask?

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