• Because they tend to be rude. I've met a few nice ones, but not many.
  • I dont agree with that I know a few smokers that arent rude....its just alot of them are because they smoke of stress and problems.
  • I dont think everyone agrees with that, maybe the non smokers do.
  • I don't know what it is that makes you say that - I don't think smokers are rude people. And I know very few people who do think smokers are rude!
  • i don't think smokers are rude. people just become irritated when they can't get away from the smoke. non-smokers are usually concerned about the health issues, and they think it's inconsiderate for their air to be polluted. i just hold my breath and skate on by...
  • Some are! I smoke, when I smoke I make sure that I'm not near anyone and am causing as little discomfort as possible. Hell - I don't like the smell that much, I know what you are going to say! ;-) I would never walk down the street smoking because it is horrible walking behind someone who is smoking and I don't know where best to blow it. I always wash my hands and have a drink or fruit afterwards so that I smell as little as possible. There's a woman at work who has a coat that stinks the office out because she smokes in her car with the windows shut. YUK!
  • That's pretty ridiculous yo...
  • I wouldn't say smokers are rude. Still, what I do find rude is cigarette butts littered everywhere. They didn't get there and weren't created by non-smokers, lol.
  • I have found that quite the opposite can be true. Most of the smokers that I have known have asked (for many years) whether others minded if they smoked. Otherwise, they would politely excuse themselves to smoke. Conversely, militant non-smokers too often are the first to complain about their "rights". They have grabbed cigarettes or cigars and tossed them or doused them in the smoker's drink. They have splashed drinks in smoker's faces, or used squirt guns to extinguish cigar(ette)s. I even witnessed someone punched in the face with no provocation, aside from the fact that they were smoking. It's enough to make a person quit smoking. ;-)
  • because people have a tendency to frown upon anything they dont approve of, even if tey have to inflate the problem to justify looking down on it.
  • I smoke and I'm not rude. I don't agree with that stereotype at all. I'm friendly to other people and respects other people.
  • I don't agree with that. As a former smoker I resent that. I was always very considerate and never smoked where it was not allowed. If I smoked where it was allowed, and someone didn't like it, they had the right to leave.
  • I don't agree with any stereotype. Individuals in any group varies greatly.
  • smoking in itself does not make someone god or bad rude or polite. if the smoker smokes in from of others that sure makes him rude ,and smokers do participate to make the world filthy they trough their tab ends and packets every where ( well a least where i live Indonesia)but just look in any city you will find tab ends in the street and do tell me it is not me thing again ,it is never me ....
  • I don't agree with that stereotype. However it may be that smokers have a temper, because of the smoking, but I'm not sure at all about that.
  • How did you decided that "everyone" agree. I personally haven't even heard of such a thing.
  • I dont !
  • I've never heard that sterotype, I don't think everyone agrees with it.
  • Everyone isn't. I used to smoke and I wasn't. I know people who smoke and aren't. but some are. I think they are mad because of the smoking bans and therefore want to punish everyone maybe. It is rude to smoke and blow your smoke in people's faces, etc. I used to have smokers put out their cigarettes in my drink (and not tell me) and think it was funny. but that has more to do with personality than the fact of smokers necessarily I think
  • I don't know where you got your information from but I don't agree with it. I know a lot of smokers that aren't rude and respect that I don't smoke. I only know a couple that are rude and insist on waving their cigarette around in front of my nose while they talk. It doesn't go on for very long before I get rude and tell them that if they don't want to eat that stinky thing to get it out of my face. In fact I would say that I know more non smokers that are rude people in general.
  • whenever im trying to do anything, including eat a meal for example, and a bunch of assholes light a bunch of poisonous fires all around me i consider them rude. then when they wine about personal freedoms while i choke on their stupid little fires, i get even more annoyed.
  • I don't think that all smokers are rude people, but I do think that the act of smoking in public is rude, and also find it rude when a classmate or colleague smokes during a break then comes back and sits down beside me reeking of smoke.
  • I know rude smokers. I also know ones who are *gasp* considerate. I also know plenty of rude people who have never touched a cigarette.
  • I disagree. I used to be a smoker and I was never rude. I have to agree with Ice man as well.
  • Some smokers are rude and some are not. Some non-smokers are rude and some are not. Smoking has nothing to do with it. However it does irritate me when someone throws a cigarette butt out their window and it lands on the hood of my car.
  • "everyone" doesn't. Why use sweeping generalisations?

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