• I am always afraid to answer these. This sounds like a suicide question. Chances are you will get sick and vomit before you take enough to die. Pain pills are made that way. As far as overdosing..each person's body is different. I have built up a tolerance so for me, it would be a lot more than for someone who just started them. but more than likely you will get really sick, puke and pass out before you die and trust me, TRUST ME (been suicidal and tried it many times) you will WISH you had died .
  • Depends. Different people have varying degrees of immunity and resistance to toxins in the body. But if I were to guess I would have to say that if you have never taken them before 3 to 4 of 100mgs tablets would be the most you could take if you were healthy (not wounded, healing, obese, or have other health issues). But it would indeed spin you into oblivion for a while. I suggest that you dont take them alone

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