• One creepy night I was asking an Outside the bag question on AB and the scary sm00z avatar popped up and startled me. I asked on AB why is your avatar so creepy? No response came and the question was never answered. Then Halloween came around and with that particular question he responded with "All your base belongs to us". That was weird he responded today of all days and I didn't understand the meaning all that much. The night was getting dark and you could hear the humming of the computer in the house. Chills ran down my cold body and gave me the shivers, because no one was here. Since it was Halloween questions kept coming up about scary situations. Ding Dong, the door bell rang being afraid of answering the door, I didn't. Ding Dong, the doorbell rang again. I creepily walked to the door and looked through the peep hole and with a glimpse I saw the face. It was him all dressed up, he started pounding on the door like a heavy hammer hitting wood. My body panicked, my heart racing. I felt like I was having a heart attack. I went to my computer and asked the ABers. The creepy avatar man is here what do I do? People responded with "call the cops" and "kill him". I ran over to my closet and grabbed the bat from inside. When I closed the door he was staring right at me. I screamed AHHHHHHHH. He pulled off his mask and there was my cousin laughing at me. I was relieved but angry at the crazy prank he has done,
  • I think Wanbli makes a great jack-o-lantern.
  • I would like to be the pumpkinhead monster, my only victims will be those who have candy on them or smell like candy. Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh
  • The plot is simple yet frightening. It's called "Election Year". Some AB'rs will be cast in the role of media blasted voters who reprise their roles every 4 years...
  • Oops, this was supposed to be a comment. Don't worry I'll come back with a good one. Ok so I cheated by doing an Ad-lib, which doesn't make much sense but some parts are funny so I'll throw it on anyway. Welsh Matthews and Peterson Farkwhar were close friends. They met in play group when they were only three, and had been inseparable ever since. Some people say they were “attached at the hand!” Welsh and Peterson were sixteen years old, a little too old to be trick-or-treating, but not too old to enjoy the taste of candy. Once a year, on Halloween, they would dress in their finest costumes and roam the streets of Answerbag Villageville, in the ever bold pursuit of the late night sugar buzz. The night before Halloween was also a favorite time for Welsh and Peterson. Each Devil’s Night, they pulled an escalating array of vandalism and pranks. They had always wanted to mess with the eccentric neighbor, Wilber Cohen, who was well into his eighties. They had a whole list of horrors planned, from setting fire to his prized outdoor server collection, to burning a bag of pixels on his front porch. They had other mischievous things up their sleeves, like marking his windows with bars of letters and decorating his trees with toilet paper. The most horrific thing they had planned, their “Bonjur” so to speak, was attaching a Keyboard to Mr. Cohen’s pet Dog, Rover, and launching him onto the roof of the house with a down rate. They weren’t nice young men, not at all. Fate has a way of punishing those who need to be punished; and elderly Mr. Cohen had a few “tricks” of his own planned for the two young pranksters. The pranksters dressed in black shoes, complete with gloves and nylon computer screens over their heads. They loaded a plastic grocery bag with pixels and letters, a few dozen eggs, some toilet paper, and a/an Binary Using the Binary wasn’t part of their original plan, but they thought it would come to good use. They pulled up to the Cohen estate shortly after midnight. Welsh was the first to exit the car. He placed a the bag of pixels on the porch and attempted to light it with a match. It didn’t ignite. Cursing softly, he attempted another match. Still no flame. Welsh tossed the matchbook aside and took a flask of cool aid out of his sock pocket. He poured it over the bag and lit another match. Soon the bag was burning like wild, and the orange flames were curling upward. He retreated to the privet hedge beside the house. Mr. Cohen peered out the front door, laughed maniacally, then closed the door. The two hooligans looked at each other confusedly. Shrugging their shoulders, they commenced to throwing the eggs, and the other stuff they had planned. Why isn’t Mr. Cohen reacting? Welsh thought to himself. They waited until the bag of pixels was burned to a cinder, then Peterson went up on the dark porch and knocked on the door. He ran away as soon as he heard footsteps. The two boys waited in the privet bush, suppressing their giggles. The door finally opened, and the homeowner peeked his head out. He was grinning stupidly. He withdrew from the doorway, leaving it slightly ajar. “What’s the old republican up to?” asked Welsh, in a trembling voice. “I dunno, but it’s pretty creepy!” stammered Peterson. They waited for what seemed like hours when they saw a light come on through the kitchen window. They saw the old man's silhouette sit in a chair supposedly having a cup of coffee or tea. “Cool, let’s Keyboard up the Dog and toss him on the roof!” squealed Welsh. “I couldn’t agree more, amigo!” replied Peterson, as he grabbed the screeching Dog. They were struggling with the tube of rubber cement when they heard a noise behind them. “Wh-what was that?” whispered Welsh. “I don’t know, dude, but I seriously want to get outta here!” Just then a Wanbli says Trick or Treat burst out of the privet bush and began advancing toward them. The boys screamed and ran away, but the Wanbli says Trick or Treat was way to fast for them. It soon caught up to the smaller one and tore at the punks shoes with it’s long sharp claws. Peterson was able to run a bit farther, until a Andy Ninja Wicked Feels Devilish slithered across the road in front of him and grabbed his legs, forcing him to the ground. The Wanbli says Trick or Treat and Andy Ninja Wicked Feels Devilish dragged the two screaming frightened boys back to the old man's house and settled them on the front steps of the huge manor. The horrid monsters tied the boys together and duct taped the Keyboard they had planned using on the Dog to the top of their heads. They then took the down rate out of the grocery bag and launched the boys to the top of the mansion’s roof. Mr. Cohen appeared at the eave of the house, huffing and panting. He had climbed a tall ladder to get there and he was rather winded. “So now, you little brats, tell me why you were vandalizing my house!” Welsh was so scared, he crapped his shirt. “I’ll tell ya what,” the old man continued, “If ya’ll will eat some of that stuff you burned on my porch, I won’t let my friends here kill you!” “Any thing, anything, sir!” squeaked the boy who hadn’t soiled himself. So the boys enjoyed a nice, steaming plate of pixels, and the old man’s son and daughter took off their masks to reveal who they really were. They shared a good laugh. Well, everyone except Welsh and Peterson. After everyone safely left the roof, Mr. Cohen had a wonderful visit with his son and daughter, and enjoyed the rest of the holiday. The boys never pulled another prank. On Mr. Cohen, that is!
  • Well, given my avatar; I should probably be the skeleton in someone's closet! (~:-) Happy Halloween! :D
  • hi, andy, babieeeeeeeeeeeee ... how about the movie, "Saw", starring the whole AB crew ... LoLz ... ^_^
  • It was a dark and Stormy night. Seven guests unwittingly accepted a dinner invitation at the Sweet T mansion. Dave the Magnificent arrived in a black suit, looking suave and refined. Stillme came sauntering along, still her, and hoping for a game of bingo. Sweet charm, formally Sweet Cakes, brought some deliciously sweet dessert. Penal Colony arrived with his collection of Arrested Development DVD's for the party. Browndog was there, but late because she had been hanging out with doodle the noodle. Imnotanonymous brought the awesome. And that crazy Tjoebaxter just brougth tater tots. Guests are assembled. Sweet T lets all in. The butler, one Andy (some know as wicked) answers the door and leads everyone to the table. The chefs are busy preparing this most outstanding meal. Sm00z, Wanbli, and Debtahals are whipping up delights. But then the lights flicker!!!!! Did something Drastic just happen??? Suddenly BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Browndog appears to be down!!! Who has done it!?!?!! The detective has been called.... The Special One comes to the door, using his legal know-how to figure out the crime. He brings his assistants, Sara Monster and Sosueme to the scene. Everything is suspected. The other guests are frazzled. Special One asks more questions, consults with his detectives, and they collect evidence. He calls Barca, reporting info and thinking the case is close to solved.... The lights go out again. When the lights come back on... the butler is gone!!! Andy!!!! Ninjas of Ninjas is down. Naturally, the other Ninjas are furious. Cyndi and 10 demand to have answers. Browndog's affiliation with COAT sends Mental Mum, PrimeTap, and Cognition to attention. All the groups are bickering and wondering who is going to be next. But the arguments cease abruptly!!!! The lights go out again and the FBB club is GONE!!! Oh NO!!!!!!!!!! This leaves only Imnotanonymous and Penal Colony.... as JuJu Bee is protesting the most recent events and demanding even more answers. As the lights flicker once more, and only once, there is a loud crash... and then we see... we see... it's just Police tasering all in good fun!!! NO harm - treats not tricks... and not tricks for treats... this is innocent enough!!!! Happy Halloween, my friends!!!! As Narrated by Sixty B - BWA HA HA HA HA HA !
  • ((((Lightning)))) Flashed, suddenly there were 2 people turned to stone. Jodie, and anonymous! The head stoner was called in, none other than AB Joel, and behind him AB Rich. Who could have done this? We want names. Did anyone have any reason to do this? Names WE want ALL their names! At anytime did anyone have a different opinion? Well........let me see; Just off the top of my head, Killdrphil, Vannie, Taylor, Tom47, Dave, Sweet T, Babycakes, sweet charm, Sixty B, Iwnit, Dracool, Andy, gtravels, MCS, DreAnna, Lady< Taylor, O-know, sm00z, Lucky, Loggybren, Ed, Eric, B-fife, Shady, Browndog, Dracool, Scifisuz, RosieG, Shammer, Lippycow, Lisa, OHHHHH and Tomsims. Well don't anyone leave town.....we'll be back! Continued next week, stay tuned for the surprise ending............... SHEEEEEEEEEEEzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Those cops looked an awful lot like Esteban, Frankster and GreekGod
  • This is the story of... Drowsy Resonance! In the year 17forty-twelve, a group of people gather at an old historical site, in some creepy place, to have a Sleepy Hollow dress party! But little do they know that, two centuries ago, a headless horse met his demise at this very place...they say that you can hear the hoofs at night, and if you look closely, there's a horse running around...without a head! And it bumps into things, and people. But...somebody is controlling it from afar, the same person who organized this party. Nobody knows who it is...we all just got these old envelopes with invitations, sealed with wax and everything. This is a conspiracy at hand, one used to promote an eighteenth century clothing revival! But...many will lose their heads, guts and sanity! Starring Penal Colony, the techie nerdy guy who comes to Drowsy Resonance with his computer and Playstation 2, saying that he refuses to spend a few nights in some shoddy old place where they don't even have toilets yet, without electricity. Therefore, he goes off to find the fabled Electricity Tree in which to plug in his stuff, with the aid of Chris, who you might remember from Night of the Living Bread, and Day of the Breast! Oh wait no, that last one was LuckyLefty... Chris, his helper, goes with him, and ends up destroying all sorts of manner of undead creatures and witches and headless horsemen, with his funky combat moves and witty "before death" Ash like remarks. I mean all these ghoulies in the woods...this movie isn't about them! He even massacres things and people that were just unlucky enough to stand in his way. Eventually, they meet the lovely Andy, who was riding around on a horse in the middle of the forest for no apparent reason, stiletto heels, cell phone and car keys to a car that won't start and everything. Penal Colony and Andy fall in love, and start having funky love scenes in the wood, and Someguy is right there, capturing it all on film! And posting it on Youtube after. Then Andy shows Penal Colony an old place she used to know, and gives him some Archie comics, and he gives her a cage. What the hell am I supposed to do with that she asks. He winks at her. Oh man you guys are nasty! Some time after, they find an old smelly cave, and a witch inside, played by Symbeline, award winning star of countless slasher flicks...she's been promoted from random torso to random witch! In the cave, she starts cutting up bats and stuff and makes funny faces and tells them that oh no, the headless stag cometh! Then she invites them to watch slasher movies in the cave all night. BigDaddy comes next, drinking spirits and alcoholic tea while mumbling about evil and prophecies...until the headless horseman comes for him! Then BD chases the horse down in his mechanical tank wheelchair, swearing and yelling at it, telling it TO GET THE HELL OFF MY PROPERTY!! We also have PrimeTap, who records all the events and happenings, in dusty old leather bound books, looking all serious and ominous...until we look in them, and see the fruit of conspiracy...he just did a buncha doodles! And perverted ones! Waving a bony finger, he addresses us all..."We knew not of the dire, come here, I have some Netflix movies to show you guys! Man these are creepy!" LuckyLefty, the headstrong and proud hot guy, runs around with his sickles, beating the crap out of countless atrocities and apparitions...I mean he's so awesome that even ghosts run away from him. Winning most of the ladies that gathered here today, he sees a spider, and jumps up on a chair, all frightened. When the bed is removed to catch the spider, we find a strange inscription...Phillis, the mistress of the house, translates it for us; "Made you look, suckers!" Eventually, Cyndi drops by, claiming that she refuses to be a corpse in this movie, because that's just not fair...So she kills everyone and then we're all corpses. Except Chris and LuckyLefty, who together just beat the hell out of a Cerberus, and Satan. But, we all come back from the dead, because there is still one mystery to resolve...who wrote that smartass message under the bed? All fingers point to Philosopher_Saint, who thinks it was hilarious as hell! Don't miss this year's equivalent of Zombie Strippers meets Bram Stoker's Dracula...not quite horror, not quite comedy, not quite parody and kinda dumb...but definitely eyebrow raising! Wear your funky puffy dress or majestic aristocratic greatcoat, you won't wanna miss THIS. Produced by Ec-nal, who insisted that we have a "The Usual Suspects" reference in there somewhere. Thanks goes to The Chief for lending us all those scythes, sickles, dragon hilted swo...rds...where the hell did he get legendary haunted swords from, anyway? Er...anyone care to guess what I watched today? >_>
  • Andy's in the shower (I think it's in her contract that she has to appear in the nude in a shower scene in EVERY move she's in), when suddenly, the water changes to blood. Then poisonous spiders and snakes come up out of the drain, and crawl all over her. She screams. Penal Colony comes running from his room, and brushes all of the nasties off her, in the process getting wet with blood, himself, so, of course, he must strip down, too. Realizing that death is at the door, they make love for one last time. (I think this is in Andy's contract, too...) Meanwhile, downstairs, the phone rings, and Cyndi answers. Only heavy breathing. She, of course, thinks it's her boyfriend and settles down for some phone sex. Then, she sees a guy in a "The Scream" mask outside her window and screams, dropping the phone in the fish tank. As she runs from the room (away from the window), next-door neighbor, Chris appears at the front door, barging in with Police in Hot Pursuit. They see Cyndi running from the room. Chris remarks on the nice tattoo (another contract demand), and they look into the room she just left, as the fish-tank explodes, spewing piranha all over the place. Of course, the mask is gone, but there are five large scrapes, almost knife-blades, on the outside of the window-sill. As Chris opens the window and leans out to look around the neighborhood, he sees a guy in a hockey-mask across the alley, burying a trunk in the backyard of the rooming house. He sees LuckyLefty in his apartment, there, with a telescope pointed at the fifth floor above him. As soon as he tells PIHP what he sees, a machete flies out of nowhere, neatly removing his head, which falls to the ground with a VERY surprised look. Symbeline, in a flashback, is seen in a steamy sex-scene with Sm00z, through Lucky's telescope, when she walks into the next room, and is attacked and killed by someone. Lucky tries to tell people, but the hockey-player on the ground floor always argues with his wife, and seems to be gone, now, since there are no more arguments. Also, the old lady who sets her dog into the back yard with a basket and rope to "do her doody" has been complaining that the dog is missing. -- Well, that's a start. I have no ending, at this time. And for those astute readers and movie fans, you should recognize a few of the references.
  • The movie could be the "slaughtering of sillyville"
  • Andy wakes up on a Friday morning, a week before Halloween when she gets a call from Penal Colony stating that someone has asked a question on AB, claiming to be Cyndi's mom, and saying that her daughter is missing. Thinking that this could possibly be the work of a troll, Andy calls Cyndi's cell phone. There's no response. She then contacts Lee Lee to check on Cyndi. To calm herself down, Andy takes a bubble bath. She's awakened by the ringing of the phone. It's Lee Lee stating that she went by Cyndi's workplace, and they haven't seen her either. Andy wonders if maybe Cyndi has sent her an email. She checks, and they're all from users complaining about rude and trollish behavior on the site. "Jeez! Isn't a CL's job ever finished?" She signs onto AB and takes care of the problems, and checks Cyndi's recent activity on AB for clues to her whereabouts. Nothing's unusual. A few answers, a few questions, and several comments. Thinking that maybe she's overreacted, Andy decides to continue ABing and enjoy the rest of her day. She calls Cyndi back, however, and leaves a message on voicemail. Two days pass, and there's no word...not like Cyndi at all. Now she begins to worry about her friend. Andy signs onto AB again, this time, she sees a question asking if anyone knows what happened to LynFromNM. She looks at Lyn's profile, and there's nothing unusual there either, except a few common AB members. Another day passes, and now Galeanda is missing. Could someone be targeting the CLs? Who would have a grudge against them? Kevin would be the obvious choice. He was a CL for a few hours and was banned from AB recently. Then someone notices that 10sEn said that he was going to be off of AB for the weekend. Could it have been him? Andy enlists the help of PrimeTap and Symbeline, two of AB's horror experts. She tells them what's been happening, and they give her differing opinions citing various movie examples. Symbeline, for example, believes it’s someone who was locked up in the AB Asylum and has escaped. PrimeTap wonders if it might be a person who has a grudge against AB members, quite possibly even someone who has recently passed away. A couple of quiet days pass when someone notices that Ed hasn't been on AB. Andy checks Ed's activity when she notices something. One user, AB User, had interacted with each of the CLs before each of their disappearances. And what stood out more was the answer that AB User left on one of Ed's questions. It read, "G'day, Ed. Thank you for your question. My favorite TV show witch was Samantha on Bewitched. Regards." “I knew it!” she exclaims. “I knew Keithold was a killer! No one would ever suspect him either because he’s too polite!” But her suspicions last only for a few minutes as another question pops on AB, this time by Chris. “Does anyone know where Keithold is? He hasn’t been on AB for several days.” She decides to go off of AB for a few hours and calls PC. As they’re talking, they come to a startling realization, Andy’s the lone remaining CL on AB. Is she next? But Keithold also is missing, and he’s not a CL. Maybe the CL thing was only a coincidence. They enlist the services of Sixty B who tells Andy that Jodie was really good at spotting trends, but that she’d do her best to help out. Sixty B, of course, gets the entire COAT team involved too. And then the rest of the story is spent trying to find out who the killer is, bringing more ABers into the story (more suspects), and tracking him or her down before he gets to Andy. If you want to know the rest, you’ll have to watch the movie when it comes out. We’ll even film multiple endings to throw off the cast members. ^_^
  • the silver fox did it in the kitchen with a hammer.

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