• my older brother has one...and he loves it. and hes not easily impressed :)
  • it depends on how you use your cellphone. they take great pics, play music, surf the net, organize, etc they can be terrific toys! and people who LOVE electronic toys will LOVE their blackberry!
  • I just got the iPhone... I think it's just as resourceful and does the same functions with better manipulation options, and ways to make your "inner geek" pleased! Plus it’s new technology and backed by Mac… I vote iPhone!
  • I got a Palm Treo. It's similar to a Blackberry. I love it. Some cell phones are nice but a PDA makes them look primitive.
  • My mom just bought one not too long ago, Internet is included, it takes high res. pictures, video, you can download all kinds of free stuff pretty easily, and it is easy to maneuver. You do have to pay if you want to buy their games though.
  • discontinued models

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