• I agree completely but if everyone bought a home based on that, as in without one... Florida would have to be leveled! *Which believe you me, is NOT a bad idea in my book.
  • I think they're looking for that quint countryside look! Since I love water I have no problem with it as long as it's done with a natural rustic look! Only problem is it attracts ducks and geese and they can create a unhealthy mess!
  • The planning and Zoning departments require areas of retention to control and mitigate flooding.
  • They have precious little practical purpose other than those you mentioned (death traps and no tangible amenities) and for breeding mosquitoes for the spread of life-threatening infectious diseases. ;-) The excuse is that they are supposed to avoid the possibility of flash flooding. Unfortunately most of the "retention ponds" here in Minnesota are NOT located in areas likely to pose a flooding hazard, and are served by proper storm sewer systems. I suspect that they are more "make work" projects for underworked and overpaid government employees.

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