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  • Well, I'm not a lady, but my wife really enjoys serving me up some cum after I've cum in her pussy. She will sraddle my face and make me clean up the mess I've just made.
  • i want to eat cum out of my wifes pussy, she wont do anouther guy, so the problem is that after i cum inside her i lose intreast in doing it. how can i stay intersted
  • who would want to eat another mans cum or evan let them near there wife
  • that may work thanx
  • my husband love to eat his own cum. he is so flexible he can actually lick himself to orgasm. when we make love many times he will go down on me and lick me clean.
  • Here's an idea ladies.. If you have ever wondered or fantasized about trying to play the dominant role during sex - feeding a mn his own cum can be a good start to teaching him to submit to you. Most guys that I know wouldn't even consider eating their own cum but after a good blow job with the promise of more fun to cum, many guys can be convinced to do things that they will not usually do, including eating swallowing their own load. This can be a good starting point for exploring his submissive side and can lead to all sorts of new and wonderful things with you ( the woman ) assuming control gradually and turning him into your submissive. Another idea is to have him jerk off for you and freeze his cum so that you can feed the "cum drops" to him at your will between love making sessions.. or freeze small quantities when you "milk him" for yourself to suck on through the week...
  • My wife started jerking me into a cup and freezing it untill she had some saved and then had me disolve a piece of the cube in my mouth. The other part she put inside herself and had me eat her after a few min. There was a good pint there all together. It only took a couple of days to collect that much.
  • hot out of my pussy. I really like to stand right over his open mouth and squeeze it right in.

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