• Cry a lot!! just kidding..SURELY Ford Corp. could help. I'd email them and start the ball rolling.......first place you could start is with the address in the owner's manual..........good luck!! AND BESIDES, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE THREE - 3 - keys to your vehicle!!! one to use every day, one at home, and one you can put in your you know!!!!!!!!!
  • Any locksmith can make a new key. If you have some assorted keys, try them. There are only a few dozen possible keys, so anything that will fit into the slot stands a good chance of working. You only need it to work once, so you can drive to the key shop to get a new key.
    • Jewels Vern
      Oh, and you really should have a spare key tied to a business card and stuck in your wallet. Tie it to a card so it doesn't fall out.

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