• Sounds like your flash player is broken. Try reinstalling it. Here:
  • have you let it buffer
  • click right on the video, go to properties then settings and a gauge appears make sure its on unlimited this is what someone told me to do if the videos keep freezing...hope it helps.
  • You prolly have a port conflict on your machine. I had this issue with Skype when it was set to auto-login on boot up. I disabled skype on boot-up and voila! all was well again. Hope this helps Dan
  • Klick on the stop buttons and wait until the video loads. Then play it. If this works, you just have a slow connection or few ressources on this computer.
  • this si how i solved it : 1.go to c---your current user directory-- and then clear all cookis , temp. internet files ,temp. folder.. 2.then download flash player uninstaler and uninstall ur flash palyer.. if u have firfox setup in ur pc thyeeeeen its fine ..otherwise download it and unistall firefox,reboot,,install new firefox like 3.02 beta or any other 3.0 version u have. 4.then reboot and play any video and the video will ask for the insatll misiin plugins option..install them... 5.restart firefox youtube ..and enjoy.. thanx..
  • Hi there, In my case also, youtube and msnbc froze in both firefox3 and ie7 after 2 seconds of playing. I blamed flash player. At first I was able to solve the problem by clearing the cache but the problem would later recur. I also had a problem with google maps tiles not loading. That problem was caused by the skype add-on. Disabling the skype add-on in firefox solved my problem with the flash player. So I went to Internet Explorer, Extra, Manage plugins, disable plugins, and choose the list of plugins that are allowed to start without permission. I found skype at the top and chose to disable it. After disabling skype and restarting IE my maps and my video's are working fine again. I guess Skype is to blame. They write filthy code. Cheers, Willem (The Netherlands)
  • This may be fixed with adjusting your Telnet service Try right clicking on MY COMPUTER, then click MANAGE. Expand SERVICESAPPLICATIONS on the left panel. Click on SERVICES and find TELNET. Right click on TELNET and click on PROPERTIES. There will be a drop down menu that will have Automatic, Manual and Disable. Click on MANUAL. Exit at top left. Hopefully that will fix the issue.

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