• At least once a day. It makes me feel better that he lives on in my memory. I take him with me everywhere I go.
  • I couldn't say how often this occurs, but I do think of them when something reminds me of them. Or on their birthdays. Things like that.
  • I am probably a little neurotic about this, but I think of them constantly, and that includes, mother father and a few friends. I long to e with them again and to talk to them. My conversations with my Dad and his father were not over when he died. I miss my mother's laugh and sense of humor. And as for my friends, I miss them and wish I could call them on the phone. It's hard.
  • Mostly about my army buddies and one naval corpsman who we lost somewhere in the jungle and never found. My Dad is gone and I think about him a lot. But, even though I think about all of them I can't say that it's tough. A few names: Pablo (Paulie J.); Willy S. (the Moose); Johnny P.; Lt. R.; Sgt.S. (The Eagle);Danny G.; Peter S.; Wally B. (Pitcher); there are more ... Here's a few non-Army friends who I think about. Hal, Spencer, Father Hood, Danny, Richie, Sal, Scottie, Mary, 'Nick & Nora'...
  • I think about my father in some way just about every day and hope somehow he feels the respect I fear I never showed him as much as he deserved in life.
  • twice a week
  • I have pictures for me to look at every day. I sure miss him.
  • Every single day.
  • I think about my dear departed husband, the love of my life, my guide and leader, on a daily basis. When I open my Bible I feel like he is reading to me, when I cook any of his favorites I feel like putting a dish out for him, and when I go to church I always imagine that he is sitting next to me. Read your Bible--we did!
  • I didn't realize how often, until I read your question and thought about it. My parents pop up all the time, my daughter is constantly with me, and those friends who have gone before me have a way of getting into my dreams. They are surely in heaven, because my definition of hell is no one remembering you after you are gone.
  • I knew he was sick, but I didn't know how bad it was, until it was too late to have one last talk with him. But then one night, I was writing about him in my diary. Soon I began writing to him, not about him, and that's when I cleary felt him tell me how much he loved me. Since then, I don't think of him every day, because I finally got to have one last talk, even if he had already gone from the physical. He's always with me, so I don't always think of him, because I know he's there.
  • VERY VERY Often some much more than others
  • I think about my father about once a week on average more lately since I really miss his guidance and advice.
  • I think about my deceased grandparents a lot. I also think about relatives that died before I was born. I wonder what it would have been like to know them.
  • Somewhat often. My grandpa died recently, and I think about him every day.
  • I think about my dad all the time. I miss him so much. The weekend of his death, I am going to have my friend, who owns her own flower shop, put a huge flower arrangement up on the stage in his honor. She's gonna make it red, white, and blue since he was a veteran!
  • Actually quite often, at least once or twice a week.
  • Yes, fondly. They are always a part of who I am and what I become.
  • My grandpa died about a month and a half ago and I think about him constantly throughout the day. I miss him very much.
  • We had alot of good times.
  • About t once a day
  • I was close to my Grandmother. I think of her daily/weekly...

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