• no, or under 21 for that matter
  • Nope. Its irresonsible in my eyes and also as a teen who had alcohol problems I wouldnt want history to repeat.
  • The children are not capable of taking alcohol. Parents strictly restrict their children for taking alcohol.
  • Nope....
  • No way
  • My sons occasionally had a small glass of watered-down wine with dinner from about the age of 15. They are both over 30 now and neither of them has turned into a regular drinker. Of course, I live in Europe where there is a more relaxed attitude to quite a number of things than seems to be the case in the USA.
  • I would allow a teenager to have a sip of a drink at a wedding toast. I would also allow the sip of wine for communion. No actual drinking.
  • i would let my child (dont have any yet) as long as it was in a controlled setting and under supervision. I would rather my child drink in front of me than drink with friends and create a dangerous situation. But of course i would not be letting them get trashed, just be responsible and enjoy themselves. I might let them start at 18 or right around there.
  • Only when in Italy and only wine with dinner when at the extended family table, you do as the romans do. "When in rome!" You know? Here, I see absolutely no reason for it as we dont even drink wine with our dinner very often.
  • As long as they shared it! Quit bogarting all the hooch, son!
  • No,I sure wouldn't.
  • Sure and what about some cigarettes and a couple of hookers?
  • It's illegal under age 21 in my state, so I should say not.
  • Happened to me already, I'm 17. However, for my child in the future, it depends how he turns out. If he's reponsible enough to look out for himself and his actions then yes I would trust him to know his limit.
  • I have teen and my wife and I have been talking about this lately. We've decided we would occasionally but only at home and with dinner and not until he's 16 or 17.
  • Yes, but only when they reached sixteen or seventeen, if you are talking more than just one.
  • ah... HELL YEA! if they get drunk and pass out then lets just hope they learn there lesson if they dont then......ima beat that assss! >:l
  • im pretty sure thats illegal, and its 21 here, so no
  • yeahhh my parents always let me drink. they know im responsible though :S ahaha its tradition in my family to drink lots of wine! :) haha we are croatiannnn!!! yeeee babayyy
  • My dad started buying for me when i turned 17. They will find a way to drink it anyway mise well befriend them and have them do it at the house where you know they are safe
  • Definitely (even though I'm in the US and the age is 21 here, I'd still let them drink in high school). I would much rather have my kids learn their tolerance in high school while I'm around and they are under my house so I can be there if anything happens. That way, they're much more prepared for when they go to college and experience parties for themselves - they have a much better idea of when they should stop and how much they can take. I've seen way too many people who go to college and were never allowed to drink, so they go crazy with the parties. And, because there is no one there to watch over them and take care of them, plenty of students die from alcohol poisoning, end up in rape situations, or get seriously injured in their drunkeness. My parents were ok with letting me drink in high school and I am extremely grateful for it.
  • Yes, just as my parents allowed me to have a sip or a small glass of something with our dinners, just like everyone did. It's common for some European families to have wine or beer with a meal. It's not treated as some terrific thing that only adults can drink, it's just a beverage.
  • Not actual full drinks no. I would let them taste and maybe have a small amount. (Granted, I again, don't have children, but hypothetically...) My parents let me taste it. However, I don't like the taste and would refuse if offered more than that, anyway.
  • I considered it,I rejected it,and for good reason. I am a recovering alcoholic,(the ex is still practicing) and the combination of both parents having addictive personalities,well not a good idea. At 21 I did buy my daughter her first 'legal' beer though.
  • Ya, i just wouldnt be stupid about it. I would want them to get drunk around me first so i can teach them their limit and let them know to be responsible.
  • Only if they wanted to "taste" it. Drinking it? No.
  • well im only 13, but if i had a kid, i would let them have maybe a little sip, but not a whole can, or even half. just a sip, no more.

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