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  • No it's not. Why would you want to text your ex?! He's an ex for a reason. Would you want your boyfriend texting his ex?
  • Not the coolest thing to do, since our current bf has expressed his displeasure, and uncomfortableness with the situation
  • It will make your current boyfriend suspicious, but dont keep secrets, because then it will make him even more suspicious and hurt if he finds out.
  • Of course it's okay. You're allowed to have friends outside of a relationship, even if they happen to be someone it turned out you weren't compatible enough with to be in a relationship. I still talk to and visit all but one of my ex-girlfriends (The one I decided I wasn't compatible enough to want to be in the same country as, though I eventually returned to America) and my fiancee either has no problem with it, or is mature enough to realize "Hey, he has friends. This isn't a big deal. He's with me, not them."
  • Yes. If you guys didn't have a bad break-up and your current bf doesn't like him, thats his problem, not yours!
  • What did you want me to say, yes it's ok, hurt your boyfriend?? Think you need to think if you really want to be with him.
  • Consider your boyfriend's feelings. Is the ex really that important to you?

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