• A bad student. A teacher always knows what it knows but if it's bad, they can't share what they know. A bad student never learns and stays ignorant.
  • a bad teacher because they influence so many students
  • I think a bad teacher is worse, they will be teaching kids wrong.
  • a bad student, because other kids tend to follow the actions of their peers, especially young kids.
  • A bad teacher. A teacher teaches up to about 120 - 140 kids a day. That's a lot of damage.
  • A bad teacher, if the teacher is bad, then students may receive bad information.
  • A bad teacher. Because a bad student is bad for him/herself(sometimes to others), but a bad teacher who teaches to about 30 students seems worse
  • a bad teachers are worse teacher can do more damage because have control and influence a bad kids can be dealt with on the spot
  • I vote for the bad teacher. A bad student usually only affects his own non-education. A bad teacher can affect the non-education of many.
  • When I was a child in school, I had what is now called a learning disability. I was paddled in front of the class because I failed a test. Another time, I was punished for not understanding the teacher. Then another time I was yelled at by a teacher looking over my shoulder because I did not understand math. And to top it off I was made fun of by the other kids because I was dumb. In the 8th grade during a test for entering high school I purposely failed the math so I could take functional math in my freshman year. That was my best math class and I learned more that year than I had years before.
    • Linda Joy
      Do you know which learning disability you have? I'm sorry that happened to you.
    • Rick Myres
      I have no idea what it is called, I just know it now in adult life, as I never was diagnosed by a doctor but one man just 4 years ago (who sold me my first computer) got very irritated with me when I did not understand his tech talk about computers when he mentioned them in a store after I asked for his help to select which computer to buy. I left the store without a new computer.
  • A bad .student since they can hurt many if they become violent.
  • bad teacher
  • Teachers who are not passionate about teaching are worse.
  • Bad result is due to bad teacher rather than bad student. Asked by: ... A teacher needs to teach according to the level of worst student in a class.
    • Linda Joy
      And dumb down the entire class? No way! My genius son deserves an education, too! Children with special needs need their own classes with less students so the teachers have more time with each student. I've subbed some of these classes and they have techniques that taught me a thing or two!
  • I don't know how many teachers are here to answer this question but I am a retired teacher, Bad teachers leave a lasting mark on students that can last all their lives. Today teachers are required to teach for the knowledge tests that come toward the end of the school year. These tests stop even good teachers from doing a good job of teaching. Bad students are bad for too many reasons to list here most of which do not include stupidity..
  • I get the sense this post is from a bad student who is blaming a teacher (right or wrong) for his/her bad performance and attempting to portray him/her self as "better" than the "bad teacher". Comparing a bad student with a bad teacher is otherwise a non sequitur.
  • i think they can both be equally bad
  • It doesn't matter. Both have to be overcome in order for learning to take place. As long as you sit there playing the blame game you're wasting time that could be spent learning and you're accomplishing nothing. You're the one cheating yourself out of what education you could be getting. Don't let anything rob you of that!

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