• No, they go through stages.
  • I agree with advracer - I did worry in the very early days, but my daughter has gone through stages of preferring one of us to the other. It all evens out in the end (in my own experience - I can't speak for anyone else and wouldn't presume to, I hasten to add)
  • No. We were always a team.
  • nope... I'm mom, they love me. He's dad, they love him. end of story. :-D
  • No, just wait til they are teenagers, then they won't like either one of you:)
  • As shameful as it may seem, yes, I have feared that my son loves his Dad more than me. We're not together anymore, and he has a great relationship with his father. When I start to feel like that, I just tell myself to be thankful that my son has a good father who chose to stay in his life after our break-up.
  • Being divorced from my childrens father that has crossed my mind to be honest. I do however know that they will always be loved by me and him. I am the parent that has rules and discipline. He wants to be the cool parent and wants them to love him more. I believe in the end they will respect me more for loving them enough to tell them no when they need to be told no and to discipline them when needed. I have custody so of coarse they spend more time with me but they love us both and I know there will be issues as they get older and become teenagers but I will always want them to have a good relationship with me and their father.
  • LOL, NO!!! I never have to worry about that, he always fights with our kids, they dont care for him.
  • I don't think that anyone should invest their time in being jealous over their child. This is something that children can sense and it can't be good for their self-esteem to try to constantly appease both parents. My parents are divorced and, although they are not perfect, I love them both equally for different attributes that they have..
  • My mother was insanely jealous of my dad for this very reason. We were together constantly and my mother hated it.
  • I just wanted my children to receive all the love possible. I felt my job was to teach them to be good citizens . . . not to win a popularity contest.
  • It wouldn't bother me at all, and I've honestly never thought of it before.
  • does the term "insecurity" ring a bell love yourself for who you are and others will love you
  • I think it's fair to say that many divorcees have had this feeling at least once, but I also think for every one time this thought crosses the mind of a loving parent, the hope and prayers for the child's happiness have far out-weighed those negative thoughts.
  • Since I'm divorced, that crosses my mind all the time especially since my son is so much like his dad, personality wise, and his dad is the 'fun guy'. But I don't dwell on it and strive to provide the right balance of fun, structure, learning and discipline.
  • My daughter, 2, does favor her mother. No big deal. We all have a favorite something when there is more than one to choose, and kids should not be the exception that proves this ruls.

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