• Love banana milkshake Hate bananas ha!
  • Onions - Love them fried, HATE them raw! Cottage Cheese - Can't stand it by itself, but like it baked warm in crepes. Coffee - Love the smell of it, but do not like the taste of it!
  • Yes, I love the skin on peaches but I absolutely hate anything peach flavored. I love real, fresh coconut but I hate shreaded coconut. I hate banana's but I love banana flavored candy.
  • I love peanut butter but hate peanuts! I hate spinach but love spinach dip! I know there are many others just drawing a blank.
  • I HATE tomatoes, but LOVE salsa I LOVE grapes, but HATE grapjuice, jelly, and any grape flavored candy. I LOVE apples and applejuice, but HATE applesauce and apple pie. I'm weird I know! lol
  • Is there a food physciatrist in the house?
  • I LOVE apples, but bake them into a pie and they HATE me. (allergic)
  • I hate apples but love apple pie. I don't like peanuts but love peanut butter. I love tomatoes but hate tomato soup/juice.
  • I like vagina, however i do NOT like pee. +100394 for me!
  • i don't like crab by itself, but i love crab cakes, crab dip, etc.
  • love tomato ketchup but hate tomatoes.
  • I like raw oysters, but I can't stand them fried.
  • I like raw aparagrass but I dont like it cooked. the same for spinach, leafy over cooked.
  • I love cinnamon, but cinnamon hates me. Worlds worst case of indigestion.
  • Yep... Almost anything made with tomatoes is fine by me (soup, sauces, juice, etc.), but I don't like tomato slices. If had cucumber pieces before, and liked them, but I can't stand the slices (or the smell). I love the LOOKS of peppers (green, red, yellow, etc.) in things, but really hate the taste. (Basically, as a comedian said, I don't like anything that doesn't look finished on the inside, but there are parts of it I like for some reason.) I like jellies made from various fruits, but don't like the whole fruit. I love the LOOK of fish and other seafood but can't stand the smell, and don't really like most seafood. (Food Channel makes things look SOOOooo good!) I like onion rings, onion chips (breaded/fried), and raw onion on hamburgers and in salads, but don't like seeing the translucent skin in things like chili, etc. (Dice it smaller, so it's harder to see, please!) I could probably go on if I thought too much about it. That's enough for now. LOL ;-)
  • try with every food xD but more specifically i too hate tomates and tomato juice but i LOVE ketchup. i can't stand broccoli uncooked but cooked, i love it. your standard stuff.
  • I love cucumbers, hate pickles and love relish Love tomatoes hate ketchup Hate anything cherry flavored except cherry squares Hate peaches love peach cobbler I have so much more but that's enough for today.
  • I love tomatoes but hate tomato juice-I love apples, apple sauce, apple butter but hate apple pie and I hate apple juice-I love fresh coconut off the shell and coconut milk but hate shredded coconut.

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