• Awesomeness. =P
  • What a great question, Sixty B! I think mine is - My 4-legged furry friends love me and I love them back!
  • Go out, to a bar, and have a drink with friends. Start having fun Start drinking more Start doing shots Try to find a lucky lady. Go home wasted Maybe have sex Wake up hungover Decide the only way to rid myself of this godforsaken thing is to.......repeat
  • Drama enters and reenters through a revolving door
  • Loss - and that is true for all of us.
  • Reinvention was the first one that came to mind. Might be a few other themes running around too. ) Happened many, many times in corporate world. Reinvented myself .. created new positions or programs .. again and again. Reinvention too in personal life. Disability hit way back in early 1980s. Had to "reinvent" who the heck I was. Who would have known I'd wind up with an interesting career and travel all over the world AFTER that reinvention? lol Maybe re-inventing is being a little creative about approaching most things in life. It implies exploring new things and making choices based on those new experiences and interactions. (Voila, we're re-invented in the process!) Implies change as a given. Think we die from the inside out if we lay stagnant. Shoot, we have to "re-invent" just to survive being in the Information Age. (or get left behind) But as a life theme, think for me it's come up on lots of levels - as adversity or diversity entered my life - (me with an open door so they COULD enter my life). Once we've got that open door policy in life, then reinvention is a natural, ongoing process. Underlying values and ethics may be a solid anchor, but our interactions & experiences are ever changing. In fact, we are forever changed by each unique moment. If we're lucky, we reinvent as we learn. We grow. Thanks for a great question. Think I'm going to add it to my list of "good open ended questions to use in interviews with older family members". Going to hit my mother up with this one - but give her a day or two to think about it. :)
  • failure and ice cream
  • How to reorder my life by God's enabling grace so as to live it to the fullest potential as my Savior and my Lord suppose me to live. Like Oswald Chambers, I would humbly endeavor my utmost for His Highest glory and honor. You will know at once that the recurring theme of my life is a very tall order. So help me God.
  • Good timing/luck...either way things seem to happen just when they need to for me, thankfully. There are some negative recurring themes too, but I'd rather focus on the positive! :)
  • Get home, do work for a few hours, goof off, and then freak out because I still have more work to do. Rinse, repeat.
  • Believe in God rather than on man.
  • Getting back up, dusting off and going on :)
  • Misunderstanding people leading to misunderstanding. I need a break.
  • Disappointment.
  • Trying events that make me feel as if I should be gathering something more from the experience.
  • Loss and sadness. My childhood, due to an abusive, alcoholic father. My teen and early adult years due to a marriage that was a mistake. Then a series of poor choices after that. Then the deaths of my dog, two sons (one being a suicide-hard to deal with), a sister-in-law (all in one year) and an assortment of other relatives and friends. Loss of my health due to the stress from the previous. Loss of my ability to work at my job due to my health. etc. etc. Get the picture? Now, I'm slowly trying to come back and get back to work, but it's been a long, hard road full of sadness and grief. Good thing the human spirit is so tough, eh?
  • It is all one thing! That, fortunately, is my life. I know..lucky gal! I know! >:) ((hugs))
  • good karma lately. knock on wood. also friends keep reappearing in my life sometimes very unexpectedly. makes me think that souls travel in herds. we all seem to be tuned into each others stations. :)
  • Music... Every event in my life, be it good or bad, is somehow associated with a piece of music which is meaningful to me. Like a continuous soundtrack which has the ability to comfort & move me at any given moment in time...
  • animals, pets, charity.
  • Family, friends, laughter, sorrow, and love.
  • calm waters are easier to navigate

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