• Absolutely not - my ex-wife tried this tactic while we were in the throes of divorce and we were still living in separate parts of the same house, and it took no effort at all to resist her advances as too much pain had been caused by then.
  • No. Its not 'no strings' at all if they still love you. This is the same as begging - the other person is asking you to treat them like a nothing so that they can go on pretending there is a love between you - they are that desperate that they are willing to be used. Saying yes would be absolutely cruel and selfish and would only prolong their agony.
  • It would not be wise to get entangled in a sex only relationship while you have already seen the results of a comprehensive relationship of which sex too was a part. Sex could not hold the relationship together. It fell apart due to non compatibility in the remaining aspects. If you accept the present offer it will lead to the same disastrous agonizing situation again.
  • Well if the sex had been good previously, it would be nice because you already have an established relationship with that person. Its not like a complete stranger. However, IF THEY KNOW you liked the sex, then maybe they are using it to lure you back. Remember you broke it off with that person FOR A REASON and as far as "no strings sex" with an ex, you are just fooling yourself if you think that it won't lead to someone getting their feelings hurt.....again.
  • No to the 'bootie call' yo...
  • No, i don't think i could. I think it would be really hard on me, but i think i'd fight it pretty strongly
  • No. I'm not a one-dimensional gal. I'm either all in or all out. No crumbs for me. :) Happy Sunday.
  • No thanks. Believe it or not, there's more to life than sex, and it's not every guys goal to notch up his bedpost as high as possible. Besides, sex is better when string are attached, anyway.
  • Yes absolutely! If there is still an attraction there, and a trust. Wether or not u want 2 b involved seriously with the partner u can have a very healthy "friends with benefits" relationship as long as ur both mature enough to handle it. A lot of people prefer commitment with a sexual relationship, but a lot prefer other wise. But with this option you have a safer sexual release than you would if u were just hooking up with random strangers. @ least u kno where ur partners been 4 the most part
  • Nope, I think I can find someone better than HIM to have sex with.
  • No, no and NOOOOOOOOO! I got away from the psycho once, what gives you the idea I want to revisit that nightmare?
  • I have been offered that. The thought of having that mess in my life again made me sick. HELL NO!
  • Never... He was only good in bed, BECAUSE I loved him. Other than that and being that I dont love him that way anymore... It simply wouldn't be worth my time getting undressed. I do myself better than he ever did me.
  • I would say "ABSOLUTELY NOT". Understand you are the one who finished this relationship and there is a reason to it. Just because you think there is a love left it will be only a spell not a permanent. YOu would regret what you are getting into. I finished with my boyfriend because I realised I was not in love or in relationship. He would still think there is some room left. No...there is no. Do not confuse other person anymore. It is more mature action you should take for best for both of you.
  • Absolutely!!
  • not a chance. A: I do not believe in sex outside of marriage... yes we are technicaly still married but that is a mier technicality and I believe in the spirit of the law, not the letter of the law. B: she is a manipulative, lieing psycho who uses sex as a tool and weapon to meet her selfish ends. in our last 2 months together the only times she was willing to have sex with me was when she had ROYALY pissed me off such as by cybering with another guy, and in that unavailable mode she was determined to seduce me. C: I wanted to have sex with her because I loved her... she was never very attractive. D: I do not want to give her any doorways into my sons life, or my own life. my goal is for him not to see or hear from her for the next 14.5 years, once he is 18 then he can have her number if he wants. E: she could not be faithful to her husband who sacrificed everything for her and she didn't like condoms... not only do I not know she isn't cheating on her BF but I do not know wether or not he is clean. she may very easily have caught something.
  • The only reason they would make an offer like that is theres something they want from you; there using sex as leverage; go find somebody new that has nothing to do with the other person who is finished business.
  • No cuz he is a cheater and could give me HIV or an STD, I m not in love with him nor have any respect for him so I couldnt.
  • No, because there are always strings when an ex is side, or the other.
  • Absolutely not.
  • My STBX, no!!!!! I cheated on him 3 years before I divorced him.
  • Sure, if he/she realize then a chance must be given coz "to err is human". Love is very powerful.
  • Maybe with a few of my exes I would consider it, but chances are better that I wouldn't.
  • Probably not. They already had their chance, and they blew it. If I break up with someone, it usually means I no longer wish to see them.

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