• I was once promised a lapdance and she didn't come through with it. Man! I was devastated!!
  • losing my beloved Edna my late fiancee in such a brutal and violent way.
  • I guess if I HAD to choose one thing, it would be when my ex locked me out of my own house. I've got cancer, I had a shattered femur, I've broken quite a number of bones in my body, but being locked out of my own house by someone who claimed to love me had to be the most devastating thing in my life.
  • The death of my son.
  • I'm still young, but I can say with a great deal of gratitude that I can't think of a single "horrendous" thing. There's been bad, and worse, but I certainly haven't suffered. I count my blessings each day.
  • watched my best friend get merderd when i was 5
  • losing two babies in pregnancy in the space of a year and a half, and losing my parents.... but worse things happen to people, i consider myself lucky - i had good loving parents, which some people cant say, and i went on to have another two children - both happy and healthy four and five year olds!
  • I was going to answer this, but after reading some of the answers I feel blessed and don't want to diminish the suffering of many who have already answered by adding my own experience which doesn't compare to the suffering of so many here. I just want to send my love and prayers to all of you and wish you the best for the rest of your lives.
  • My second marriage! ;-)
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      LOL. My sister married the same guy twice, it never worked out.
  • When my ex left me. Most horrible thing I've ever gone through. Changed my life forever, for the worst.
  • I can assure you I KNOW something 'horrendous' has happened to everyone. Yes of course, to me too. See, the deal is I was going to write a list of my own personal 'horrendous-nesses' but then a couple of 'something's' just kinda popped into my head. May I share them here as sub-questions? These, my something's are: 1. Is their REAL fruit in answering this question? Why? To Whom? 2. How can my answer aid us to offer comfort rather than seek it? 3. How can I prevent my answer from becoming an undesired 'contest' in [my own] Reality Show ... 'I've Had It Worse Than You Buddy!' ?' 3. How can I support others out of pure, unselfish empathy, knowing that all of us has hoed a pretty hard row or two in our lives. 5. How can I find actual real 'blessings' FROM 'the horrendous things' that have happened to me? And, in turn pay it forward? Personally, while I wouldn't wish to pass on some of the things that have happened [to me], I would, however selfish, would wish their hard-earned 'lessons' could be owned by others, INTO others. 6. While not seeking unaccountable responsibility toward those who do injure, harm or 'destroy' others, how can I use my own 'horrid' instincts to become better human being? How can I become more accountable with my own judgment which some times ARE unproductive and lack grace? 7. And, perhaps not last: how can I advance forgiveness to others, including ... myself?

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