• Georges Méliès
  • I've got a few for this 1. Sam Raimi for Evil Dead, then breaking through to the mainstream and making blockbuster films. 2. Wes Craven for being one of the most prolific and most watched horror movie directors. 3. George A Romero, for Night of the Living Dead, which led to the zombie genre's 'resurrection'.
  • Tobe Hooper because of the texas chainsaw massacre
  • Dario Argento may not be the best of all time ( I'm not sure who the best would be, honestly) but his films certainly are in a category all their own. I'd tend to vote for George Romero - - his 1968 "Night of the Living Dead" broke the mold of horror up til that time and horror went out into all different directions after he broke some of horror film's cliches. +5

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