• That all depends on the landlord or property manager. Some will closely scrutinize credit and other will not. If they ask for a fee to cover a credit check, you may as well keep looking. If not, you may have just found your next home. ;-)
  • If you go through the housing office, they usually have a list of friendly renters and agencies. Many of which even lower or waive deposits for members referred by housing. If you bank with Navy Federal (open to all services), they will guarantee your deposit with some utilities so you don't have to front the cash. Additionally, most agencies around a base are familiar with working with the military and know exactly what your BAH is and how it works. Don't forget to check for a military clause though! They used to require housing office review before you signed a lease. If they don't require it, you can ask them to so.
  • More than likely yes. I certainly would.

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