• It's called serving your customers, not all of whom count English as their first language. It's called being in the 21st century, where most businesses have a more global and multi-cultural focus.
  • Try one of the other options and see if you understand what is being said - then you may be able to answer your own question.
  • It does not bother me, i don't have any issue with them trying to make it easier for spanish speaking individuals to interact with their business.
  • no... I don't mind that. At least it's not 'press 9 for english' and you have to listen to all the other language options first. what -does- bug me is when they use those silly voice recognition things... they never understand what i say.
  • THAT PISSES ME OFF. This is the USA, damnit. The national language should be english. Quinto quanto espanol press 1 with the rest of the message in english would be OK though. If you're in the USA, you should learn the language. Thank you.
  • Here's the link to the John Wayne picture:
  • I don't mind at all. I think it's nice that they are trying to accommodate many people and are providing good service for all. Good business is all about good service and respect, not political ideals.
  • Would it be better if the message said, "For alternate language options, press 9, otherwise, press 1," or would the additional 2-3 seconds of message time serve to further infuriate the monolingual nationalists whose sphincters collapse at the sound of a rolled R?
  • Not really. But it DOES p*ss me off when I spend a couple minutes on the phone going through the computer menu and finally end up right back where I started from!
  • Yeah, They sure use alot of words to say "If you speak Spanish, press one".
  • This has been a country of many languages since long before Columbus came over. It's a tad late to be offended by it.
  • It's a bit quicker than sitting thorough someone saying something incomprehensible to me that means "Press 2 for Spanish" and then have the system wait to see if there will be a 2 pressed or not National language has been debated before. German weas a strong contender. That one "minor" change could have changed world history.
  • Does it piss me off that people speak more than one language in the US? No. I consider it lucky.
  • You know, it is a little frustrating for me, because they almost never have press 3 for German. If you say this country is the greatest, you have to realise it got that way because millions of immigrants came and tried to make their life here, and by being that way it *attracts* more immigrants. Shouldn't you be *thrilled* that your country is so awesome, people are willing to come here and rough it at as they learn the language?
  • Yeah!!!! Why cant spanish be 1 & english be 2? :)
  • Well no... I'd be more pissed off if I called a business and they immediately started rattling things off in another language, especially spanish, I don't understand spoken spanish well.
  • No, it doesn't bother me: I know first hand what it's like to try to converse on the phone in a non-native language -- it's damn challenging, even if you've worked very hard to learn the language. The language bigots need to get over it -- try learning a foreign language with sufficient fluency to get good service on a the phone, where you can't wave your hands or point or make faces to compensate for not being able to remember the right verb tense. English fluency is not, and never has been, a primary criterion for legal residency or equal rights. Thank God.
  • What I would like to know is, how does the foreign language speaker know that it's saying, "Press 1 for English" :o)

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